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Are e-cigarettes safe?

How safe are e-cigarettes?

At The Electric Tobacconist® USA we want to offer smokers a way out of their habit, so we prefer to ask, how safe are e-cigarettes, compared with traditional cigarettes? Well, we are not scientists or field experts, so we'll pass you over to some people who are, in order to answer that question:
● "The current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking" - Public Health England
● "The electronic cigarette is up to 1,400 times safer than the leading brand of cigarettes" - Prof. Michael Siegel, MD, Boston University
● "If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize." - Prof John Britton, Chair, Tobacco Advisory Group, Royal College of Physicians
● "E-cigarettes are cigarette substitutes. If they can take nicotine market share from cigarettes, and that is the big question, they will improve smoker and population health." - Dr. Murray Laugesen 2009-04-30, Health New Zealand, RuyanR E-cigarette Bench-top tests, Poster 5-11, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Dublin
Quotes source: World Vaping Day Website and www.gov.uk