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E-liquid bottles next to grinded tobacco leaves and smoke cloud 22/08/2018

American Vapers to FDA: Please Don’t Take Our E-liquid Flavors Away

We look at the overwhelming support in favor of keeping flavors in e-liquid, instead of banning them, as San Francisco has done.     Over half a million Americans have vented their opinions to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over any possible plans to limit or ban the sale of vaping products containing various flavors. This comes as voters in San Francisco backed a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products in June, including flavors of e-liquid in vaping devices — a vote that shocked many people, in... Read More

nicotine salt 15/08/2018

Vaping Query Answered: What Is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine seems to be all over the place. Here we reveal exactly what this vaping star is. If you’re a vaper who follows the latest news and developments in this fast-moving sector (hopefully, including here on our blog), you may have been reading a lot lately about salt nicotine and still be wondering what on earth it is. In this blog, we’re going to examine this curiously-named substance and tell you all about it, including how you can use it to enhance your vaping experience. Salt nicotine — also... Read More

JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit V3 08/08/2018

Cigarettes Vs Juul: Should You Really Make the Switch?

In the battle of cigarettes vs Juul, there is only one clear winner. Are you a smoker who’s desperate to quit? Are you exploring cessation methods like vaping and wondering what the difference is between cigarettes and something like Juul vape gear? If so, here at Electric Tobacconist, we’ve got the low-down on everything you need to know. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all your life, you’ll know that your smoking habit is incredibly bad for you. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t want to be inhaling the... Read More

Girl vaping 07/08/2018

WHO Still Refuses to Support Vaping as Smoking-Cessation Method as More People Use E-Cigs to Quit

Electric Tobacconist USA Special Report Which is better: smoking or vaping? This is the question health authorities around the world are grappling with as they devise policies on e-cigarettes, the increasingly popular device that a growing number of people have used to kick their deadly habit. Some countries have made their minds up and banned vaping entirely, while others have openly embraced the notion that vaping is a sure-fire way of getting off tobacco products and becoming healthier as a result. Among the latter is the United Kingdom, which in... Read More

Couple vaping. Young man and woman blowing smoke to join it in one cloud at black studio background. Relationship and vape addiction concept with copy space 03/08/2018

Deciding What’s Better: Phix Vs Juul

They may look the same, but there are differences between Phix and Juul vape gear. Smokers, as well as non-smokers, starting out vaping and considering either a Phix or Juul device may well be scratching their heads. These two sleek vape pens are visually similar and basically do the same thing, but they’re big rivals competing in a fast-growing vaping market and each has its own benefits and disadvantages, however slight. But before we get to the pros and cons of Phix Vs Juul, here at Electric Tobacconist, we say... Read More

Isolated young man on a black background holding an electronic cigarette, vaping device, mod, e-cig. 25/07/2018

Are There Any Real Vaping Health Risks?

Thinking about picking up an e-cigarette? It first pays to know if there are any real vaping health risks. If you’re in the process of giving up smoking and choosing e-cigarettes instead, you will probably want to know if there are any real vaping health risks. If there are, what’s the point? Perhaps you’d be better off with some other cessation method in that case. This will also be an important question for people who have never smoked but are considering taking up vaping because of all the many wonderful... Read More

Man holding vaping device 18/07/2018

Top Vaping Blogs You Really Should Be Reading

To get an insight into the wonderful world of vaping and all the latest developments, follow these top vaping blogs. The vaping community is one that’s extremely vibrant and full of energy, and it extends right into the blogosphere. All kinds of people are running brilliant blogs discussing everything connected with the vibrant world of vaping, publishing news, opinions and reviews along the way. Here are some top vaping blogs you might want to consider following to give you a deeper understanding of the ever-changing vaping culture.     Electric... Read More

Vaping man holding a mod. A cloud of vapor. dark foggy toned background of clouds of smoke. Vaping an electronic cigarette with a lot of smoke. Vape concept. Selective focus 11/07/2018

What Are the Beneficial Health Effects of Vaping?

The air is clearing with vaping: now we know it’s so much better for you than smoking. To vape or not to vape: that is the question. And it’s one that many a smoker is nowadays asking themselves. Arming yourself with the latest information about vaping and reading up on new research into this fast-developing area is essential if you want to know about the potential health benefits of vaping. Unfortunately, the United States lags behind other countries in terms of vaping research, advice and guidance. Our health and other... Read More

Cigar vs e-cigarette. Man has a choice between traditional and modern way of smoking. Healthy alternative to tobacco 04/07/2018

Is Vaping Really Better Than Smoking? Here Are The Facts.

If you’re wondering “is vaping better than smoking?” you’ve come to the right place. Here we take a look at what we currently know about e-cigarettes. Because vaping is still quite new, it’s fair to say that a lot of people are still learning about it. Many others don’t know much, if anything, about it. It’s not their fault, as e-cigarettes, e-liquid and everything else associated with the world of vaping have only really taken off and become wildly popular in the last few years. But when trying to figure... Read More

Alternative smoking background. Unrecognizable man holding vape and tobacco cigarette in hands. Making choice, safe smoking and vaping concept 19/06/2018

Is Vapor and Smoke the Same Thing?

It can be confusing trying to figure out if vapor and smoke are the same thing. Let the Electric Tobacconist team clear things up. Spot the difference, from a distance: two people are puffing away on something and producing clouds of what seem to be toxic smoke. Have they lit up a cigarette, or are they vaping? It can be hard to tell, even up close, and it’s for this reason that even today, many vapers can be wary about using their devices in public, in case people think they’re... Read More