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Tribeca Sub-ohm nic salts - smooth tobacco 18/09/2019

The Rise of Sub-Ohm Nic Salts, and Why It Matters for Smokers Switching to Vaping

It’s the balance of nicotine you need when quitting smoking and moving to vaping — not too little and not too much. And sub-ohm nic salts are leading the way. Does anyone really want to smoke any more? Sure, cigarettes give you that buzz you want, make you feel relaxed and all chilled, and are great for unwinding with a drink after work or at the weekend with the family. But there’s a massive downside, and risks that are all too real: almost everyone now knows that smoking kills —... Read More

Best Starter Kits in 2019 09/09/2019

Best Starter Kits in 2019

A look at the best vaping starter kits you can get your hands on in 2019. Vaping starter kits are ideal for newcomers who want to start their vaping journey, as well as current vapers who want a hassle-free setup and quality craftsmanship. All vapes come with a charging cable, so you can keep your device powered up, as well as an instruction manual that will give you all the details about your great new vape device. There are a lot of vaping starter kits on the market, and we’ve... Read More

flint by geekvape 21/08/2019

The Best Vape Pens in 2019

Looking for the best vape pens in 2019? We’ve got them for you. Vape pens are great vape gear for any kind of vaper; they’re easy to use and because they’re slimline — and mostly in the shape of a pen — they can be carried in the smallest of spaces and you can discreetly vape away without creating much of a fuss. They’re ideal for smokers who are trying to quit by using an e-cigarette instead because they have the same tactile feel as a tobacco cigarette and allow... Read More

high end unregulated bottom feed squonk box mods with rebuildable dripping atomizer in hand on dark vignette fade to black texture background, vaping device 13/08/2019

5 Best Box Mods of 2019

Looking for the best box mods you can get your hands on this year? Read our guide. Bigger, better and way more powerful than your average vape, box mods are the go-to device for experienced vapers everywhere, giving you the flexibility to do way more with your vape and have a superior vaping time.  So called because of their box-like shape, they’re a kind of modified version of traditional e-cigarettes, and like disposables and vape pens, the latest box mods are now highly sought-after by seasoned vapers who want lots... Read More

AQUA Pure 30ml Nic Salt Vape 07/08/2019

Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices 2019

Rev your vaping experience up several gears with this incredible array of nic salt vapes. If you’re a serious vaper, or even if you’re just starting out, you’ll almost certainly have heard of nicotine salts. They’re currently extremely popular because they deliver what many people say is a far more satisfying vaping experience. The secret lies in the base that’s used to make the e-juice: usually, it’s either one of two: VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or PG (Propylene Glycol), each of which has its own properties and provides a unique vaping... Read More

Best Fruity Vape Juice Brands in 2019 02/07/2019

Best Fruity Vape Juice Brands in 2019

Want to have a fruity time with your vapes this summer but not sure what vape juice to buy? We have some incredible choices right here.  Summertime is great, and it’s even better with fruity vape juices from the top brands. All the many and growing fruit vape juice flavors now available make using your vape gear a real treat, whether you’re at the beach or pool or with friends and family having a BBQ.  You may already have your favorite fruit vape juice and plan to stick to it... Read More


Electric Tobacconist and Totally Wicked: A Devilish Partnership

An exclusive agreement means all Totally Wicked vape gear is available only through our site for customers in the United States. It’s gonna be wicked! Totally Wicked is one of the most awesome vape brands around, and one that has fans in many countries around the world who rely on the company’s innovative and top-quality vaping gear and e-liquids to stay off cigarettes and remain far healthier than if they were still smoking. Now, in an exciting development, we have teamed up with the amazing people at Totally Wicked to... Read More

Death of Smoking? Heat-not-burn tobacco products 31/01/2019

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco

The rise of heat-not-burn tobacco products in recent times is fueled by a desire among smokers to try to limit the damage caused by cigarettes. Here, we provide an in-depth look into the fiery world of heat-not-burn tobacco. We may like to think that smoking is so yesterday and that legions of people are finally giving up and becoming healthier. While it’s true in some countries, such as the US and UK, elsewhere, smoking remains an enormous health problem, and it’s estimated that some 1.1 billion people around the world... Read More

vaping went mainstream 27/12/2018

2018: The Year Vaping Went Mainstream

Vaping has become a popular option for adults looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes,  leading to a boom in the US and global vaping markets. It was another exciting and fast-paced year in the American vaping sector in 2018, a time when e-cigarettes really became an exponentially popular form of nicotine delivery and when both institutions and government agencies sat up and started to take notice. It seemed like so much happened during the 12 months that it was almost difficult to try to keep up. But fear... Read More

Can You Get Secondhand Smoke from Vaping 26/09/2018

Can You Get Secondhand Smoke from Vaping?

It’s a burning issue: secondhand smoke is deadly, but what about vapor? By now, most people know the danger of inhaling other people’s cigarette smoke — it’s deadly. For many years, however, it was thought of as harmless, and so we didn’t mind when smokers lit up beside us: in our homes, at a bar, in the cinema — even in confined spaces like airplanes, where the air is recycled and we’re all breathing the same kind. Fast-forward to today and is seems unthinkable, even ludicrous. It’s thanks to advances... Read More