New E-Cigs at ET for 2017: Hilo, MyJet and CYNC

2017 sees vaping well placed to further expand and transform into an enjoyable, safe, stylish activity and hobby. More brands will utilize research and technology to further improve their products, while interested parties outside the vaping will consider joining in the fun — perhaps even Apple. Here at the Electric Tobacconist, we’re committed to continually updating our selection of products with the very best brands and products. That means scouring the globe for the latest and greatest in vaping innovation and technology. As we head into 2017, we’ve picked out... Read More

How the “Man Bites Dog” Media Mentality is Hurting the E-Cig Industry

If you’re in the public eye, you have to rely on a lot more than facts and actions to ensure your reputation stays afloat. You also need to ensure a positive perception of the publicity you generate, which is then broadcasted by media outlets. That goes for individuals, groups, business, or even entire industries — and it’s fair to say that the e-cigarette industry is certainly in the public eye today. The success and innovation taking place within brands like VUSE, Wismec MyJet, and BLU, along with a diverse and... Read More


iVape? Could Apple Join the E-Cig Market?

Despite the ever-growing popularity of e-cigarettes, it would be difficult to suggest that one name or one brand has ever been the driving force behind that success. Instead of depending on brand loyalty or significant financial backing, it’s a number of young and relatively small companies that are creating the awesome products us vapers enjoy so much. The likes of VUSE e-cigs, Wismec MyJet, and BLU e-cig cartridges are all developed by names that you won’t find in any other industry. No global conglomerate or household name from another market... Read More


FDA Finally Clears Up Rules Regarding Vape Shops

The now-infamous regulations regarding vaping handed out by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) were controversial and affected every single aspect of the e-cigarette industry. From the major organizations that fund and back the best e-cig brands like Hilo and CYNC, all the way through to casual consumers and dedicated customers, the changes will alter the way everyone associated with vaping approaches their beloved pastime. Since coming into effect last August, the regulations have received plenty of criticism for their questionable, restrictive, and often unrealistic details. Still, while there may... Read More

Are Heavy-Handed E-Cig Laws Under Threat? Indiana Fights Back Against Vaping Rules

With such a heavy focus understandably placed on the FDA’s recent overhaul of e-cig regulations in the U.S, it’s easy to overlook some important changes to the e-cig industry taking place all over the country. On Election Day, for example, California enforced a significant tax increase on e-cigarettes, treating them in a near-identical way to cigarettes with very little reasoning. Similarly, while many vapers may opt for well-known products like JUUL pods and VUSE VIBE, some may be unaware of the major strain being placed on smaller brands. Actions like... Read More

Why are E-Cigarettes Included in “Tobacco-Free” Policies at Colleges?

Perception is something that has played a massive role in the negative viewpoint many have towards e-cigarettes. Whether it’s because of the name, the way they look, or how they are classed, vaping’s unnecessary affiliation with smoking affects if, how, and where vapers can use their JUUL starter kit or VUSE e-cig — including college students. As of that start of 2017, over 1,700 U.S college and university campuses have pledged to be 100% smoke-free. It’s a healthy number and one that everyone should be campaigning to push even higher... Read More

Refilling Your E-Cig: A Troubleshooting Guide [+ infographic]

Sadly, e-liquid doesn’t last forever. You’ll be enjoying that berry-flavored VUSE cartridge so much that it’ll be gone in no time. When you vape regularly, refilling will become a normal part of your routine, but it can be a little daunting at first. Being stuck without your e-cig because it’s empty isn’t ideal, so it’s important to learn the refilling process. It’s easier than you might think, and the problems you might encounter are easily resolved. If you’re used to having a nicotine intake throughout the day, a few hours... Read More

7 Reasons Why an E-Cigarette is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Your inbox is bombarded with romantic promotions; convenience stores are suddenly a sea of red; the TV commercials during the big game are full of jewelry and loving gestures. Yes, it’s impossible to ignore that Valentine’s Day is here — and plenty of us will be scrambling to figure out what gift to give this time round. How do we go one better than last year? How do I avoid an embarrassing failure? Could I get away with a gift voucher? All these questions and more race through our head... Read More


Could The Vaping Market Boom In 2017? Experts Say Yes

All the drama and impending changes created in 2016 have led many to believe that 2017 will be a very uncertain, unsteady year for vapers and names like Mt Baker Vapor, Von Erl, and Vuse. Many, but not everyone. Far from it, actually. Despite the new FDA regulations, the Tobacco Products Directive, and new laws threatening all aspects of vaping around the world, there are plenty of onlookers who feel the future is bright for e-cigs. We here at the Electric Tobacconist concur, but perhaps it’s even more reassuring to... Read More


A Smokeless, Tobacco-Filled E-Cig? Examining the Philip Morris IQOS

The innovative nature of the vaping world helps create a constant stream of eye-catching products, trends, and off-shoots. Pushing the boundaries of what we know as an e-cig product is often encouraged by consumers, as a brand or company embedded in the e-cig industry listens to its fans and brings a brand new idea to the table. Recently, though, we’ve been tracking an innovative product that’s attempting to tap into the e-cig market. Let’s take a closer look at the product, and determine if it’s a contender, or just a... Read More