Mt Baker Vapor or Apollo: Which E-Liquid Is Right for You?

Variety really is the spice of life, so when it comes to e-cigarettes, life is spicier than a handful of jalapeños. One of the factors that has allowed vaping to soar in popularity in recent years is how the number of options for flavors has expanded in turn. E-cig brands like Apollo, Mt Baker Vapor, Vaporin and many others have developed a huge range of e-liquids for their products, aiming to satisfy the taste buds of every vaper. The vaping community is constantly coming across new flavors, favorites, and concoctions... Read More


V2 or Vuse? Why You Should Invest in an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Thanks to its ever-rising popularity and accessible nature, vaping is a pastime that people tend to throw themselves at. If you’re relatively new to e-cigarettes, choosing what device to start with is exciting — but as a rookie, it’s best to ease yourself into the world of vaping. While using an e-cig may seem simple enough, it takes time, testing, and a bit of knowledge to optimize your vaping experience. There are plenty of intricacies to the art of using e-cigs, too, with plenty of sub-trends like ‘cloud-chasing’ and ‘sub-Ohming’... Read More


NJOY Cigarettes File for Bankruptcy: Is this the Future of the Industry?

Here at Electric Tobacconist, we were very saddened to learn that NJOY, the e-cigarette company and one of the brands we stock, recently filed for bankruptcy. They have been a massive player in the e-cigarette scene, and were the largest independent e-cigarette company in the US. However, there is some solace in the knowledge that the kind of bankruptcy the company filed for doesn’t necessarily mean their demise. It does however, allow for reorganisation under the current owners, or overseen by the company’s investors. Why Have NJOY Cigarettes Filed for... Read More

Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking?

There have been some headline-grabbing studies that have indicated that young people who used e-cigarettes like those from VUSE or NJOY were slightly more likely to become regular smokers than those who did not. However, is this really the case? Is the gateway effect of e-cigarettes to other tobacco products valid in this situation? Looking Critically at the Studies Let’s look at two specific studies that were published in 2015: one in August by Leventhal et al and one in September by Primack et al. Both took adolescents who had... Read More


E-Cigs FDA Crackdown: What Will the Fallout Look Like?

With all the talk lately about the new FDA regulations on the sale and production of e-cigarettes, there’s been a lot of conflicting information out there. Right now, it’s hard to know what exactly is going to happen and what products will and will not be affected by the crackdown. Let’s take a look at what the changes mean and which companies are likely to be most affected. What the Crackdown Actually Means The new regulations laid down by the FDA include some uncontroversial aspects, such as banning the sale... Read More


Think of the Children! New Study Reveals More Misguided Research by the FDA

The 8th August regulations from the Food and Drug Administration regarding “tobacco products” are starting to take effect, with sales being banned to under-18s to curb the increased interest that teenagers have had in vaping. One study reports that the number of teenagers who reportedly smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes went up from 9% in 2004 to almost 14% in 2014, leading the FDA to believe that the ban is necessary in order to protect young people. Do the Statistics Imply a Nicotine Epidemic? Do the rising figures suggest that nicotine... Read More


Are You a “Tobacco Product”?

The FDA, as part of the latest bill on e-cigarettes and e-liquids, has changed the definition of a tobacco product and raised some rather bizarre questions about how far this definition could be stretched. The Traditional Tobacco Product Prior to August 8, items labelled as tobacco products made logical sense: cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco being a few examples. Anything that was created from something of the genus Nicotiana was branded a tobacco product, because of the associated health risks that tobacco poses by affecting the heart, liver and lungs.... Read More


E-Cigs: 7 Tips to Avoid Disaster with Lithium-ion Batteries

What are Lithium-ion batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are one of the five main types of rechargeable batteries available today. They are most widely used in electronics due to them being lightweight, having a low self-discharge rate and having a small memory effect. The low self-discharge rate makes them perfect for producing longer lasting products, and the small memory effect means that only partially charging, or charging without being fully discharged, results in the batteries retaining their maximum energy capacity. Lithium-ion is the go-to choice for e-cigarette batteries and are widely used... Read More


The FDA Rulings: Some Reasons for Vapers to be Cheerful

We have been focusing in our blog a lot on how the latest FDA rulings will be harmful to the industry and smaller manufacturers, but there is another side to the story. There have been — and there will be — some successes that come from the latest FDA bill, and over the next two years, we will see how much effect the legislation has had on the industry. It’s not all doom and gloom! Innovation It’s no surprise that as the new rules are brought into effect, innovation in... Read More