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Johnson Creek Ceases Trading: What Happened & Can You Buy Its E-Juice?

It’s a shame and a shock to see any vaping manufacturer close its doors, but especially so when an established name is forced out of the industry. While the e-cigarette industry is indeed on the rise and projected to grow and grow in the near future, it is still a fragile market to do business in. Tough regulations, countless competitors, and a lightning-fast rate of technological advancement can spell the end for just about any unfortunate vaping brand. A couple of months ago, we saw one of the most shocking... Read More

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Vaping Laws Are at a Key Crossroads: Here’s What You Can Do to Help

All of the vaping products you love — from Vape Wild e-juice to Halo e-juice, VUSE cartridges to NJOY refills — are currently in a perilous, yet also prosperous position. On one hand, you have the country’s leading authority in charge of the production, distribution, and availability of e-cigarettes, tentatively offering support to the industry. On the other hand, major state laws and restrictions are being placed upon e-cigarettes and e-juice that seem intent on limiting and ostracizing the entire market. Where does the world of vaping go to next... Read More

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2018 E-Cig Trends and Predictions: What Next for Vape Shops and Vapers?

2017 was something of a landmark year for e-cigarettes. From the technology levels in vape kits, to the amount of media coverage and social reputation of e-cigs, to their stock market value, things have been rising faster than a plume of vapor in the night sky. Of course, don’t expect vapers, e-cig manufacturers, or even your humble vape shop to start resting on their laurels. The past 12 months have allowed the world of vaping to become a global powerhouse, both socially and financially. Brands, sellers, customers, and advocates should... Read More

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2017 in Vaping: A Significant Year for Vape Shops and the E-Cig Industry

There’s never a dull day when it comes to the world of e-cigarettes, but it certainly feels like 2017 has been a particularly eventful time for vapers. From historic international breakthroughs, to the emergence of exciting new products and trends, to whispers of political foul play, the last 12 months have formed a landmark year for e-cigs. Whether it’s the humble VUSE cigarette, the dedicated vaper, or even your trusted online vape shop, everyone has felt the effects of a dramatic year for the industry. As we welcome 2018, let’s... Read More

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Last-Minute E-Cig Christmas Gifts: Vape Kits and Stocking Fillers

Any day is a good day to be with your e-cigarette, but Christmas is a time when your vape kit becomes especially handy. Your VUSE cigarette can be a great conversation starter with all the family around the dinner table. Sweet treats for your e-liquid with your vape kit can be calorie-cutting alternatives to that huge Christmas pudding or yule log. Heck, a vape kit even offers sweet, stress-relieving salvation from your mother-in-law criticising the taste of the turkey you spent all night preparing. So, if this wonderful time of... Read More

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Vaping 101: What to Expect in Your First Week of Using a Vape Kit

Congratulations on picking up your very first vape kit! Whether you’re taking a huge step towards improving the health of yourself and those around you, or simply want to be a part of one of today’s fastest-growing industries, we salute your decision to use e-cigarettes. Of course, as with any new hobby or activity, the first few days of using your vape kit may have included a couple of bumps in the road. It doesn’t matter if you opted for a super-accessible Vuse cigarette, NJOY King 5-pack, or a more... Read More

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Christmas Gift Guide For All Levels of Vaper: Feat. Cue Vapor & Halo E-Cig

When done right, the Christmas period can remind us all of the things that really matter. Even those who consider The Grinch an inspiration can see the true spirit of Christmas when they receive a present that’s personal, caring, and gifted with their interests in mind. When it comes vapers, unwrapping an e-cigarette, a pack of e-liquids, or other vaping gear certainly ticks those boxes. For those who’ve been considering taking up e-cigarettes but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet, Christmas offers the chance to get your first vaping kit... Read More

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XFire: E-Cig Brands in Focus

With an ever-growing number of manufacturers jostling for position in the vaping market, clear trends and styles are beginning to emerge. Major names like Cue Vapor, Halo, and NJOY are creating similar products, both aesthetically and technically, as the key features of e-cigarettes in the eyes of vapers become clear. Consumers know what they want from their e-cig, and the big names are all racing to give them the best version of exactly that. Similar to building an NFL or NBA franchise, or running an IndyCar team, the relatively level... Read More

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Cue Vapor and Other Thanksgiving-Themed E-Juice To Try This November

Since 1863 (and on the last Thursday of November since 1942), Americans have officially celebrated Thanksgiving, with President Abraham Lincoln announcing a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who Dwelleth in the Heavens”. It’s a day to give thanks for all the things you’re grateful for, so here at the Electric Tobacconist, we give thanks to everything you’d expect: family, friends, Halo e-juice, FIN e-cig refills… The beginning of the Holiday Season has its traditions, like the sparing of the turkey, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit... Read More

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Here’s How to Know Which Type of E-Liquid is Right for Your Tank

Let’s talk about a vaping dilemma we hear about all too often. A relatively experienced e-cigarette user has enjoyed using their clearomizer vape kit for a while, but they are looking to step things up a notch. They’re interested in sub-ohm vaping and using a more advanced device with their set of favorite e-juice flavors, so they purchase one and pour the e-juice straight in. But, something isn’t right. The expected plumes of vapor are not forming, the throat hit isn’t particularly satisfying, and their e-juice is leaking. Why is... Read More