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girl vaping concept 14/11/2017

XFire: E-Cig Brands in Focus

With an ever-growing number of manufacturers jostling for position in the vaping market, clear trends and styles are beginning to emerge. Major names like Cue Vapor, Halo, and NJOY are creating similar products, both aesthetically and technically, as the key features of e-cigarettes in the eyes of vapers become clear. Consumers know what they want from their e-cig, and the big names are all racing to give them the best version of exactly that. Similar to building an NFL or NBA franchise, or running an IndyCar team, the relatively level... Read More

People Celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition Concept 07/11/2017

Cue Vapor and Other Thanksgiving-Themed E-Juice To Try This November

Since 1863 (and on the last Thursday of November since 1942), Americans have officially celebrated Thanksgiving, with President Abraham Lincoln announcing a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who Dwelleth in the Heavens”. It’s a day to give thanks for all the things you’re grateful for, so here at the Electric Tobacconist, we give thanks to everything you’d expect: family, friends, Halo e-juice, FIN e-cig refills… The beginning of the Holiday Season has its traditions, like the sparing of the turkey, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit... Read More

Coil atomizer replacement parts for tank or subtank vaporizer or e-cigarette. Useful for vaping enthusiasts 03/11/2017

Here’s How to Know Which Type of E-Liquid is Right for Your Tank

Let’s talk about a vaping dilemma we hear about all too often. A relatively experienced e-cigarette user has enjoyed using their clearomizer vape kit for a while, but they are looking to step things up a notch. They’re interested in sub-ohm vaping and using a more advanced device with their set of favorite e-juice flavors, so they purchase one and pour the e-juice straight in. But, something isn’t right. The expected plumes of vapor are not forming, the throat hit isn’t particularly satisfying, and their e-juice is leaking. Why is... Read More

A fake news concept showing a printed newspaper with a magnifying glass highlighting an underlying message on the front page headline - 3D render 23/10/2017

How to See Through the Fake News on JUUL, Bo Vape & All E-Cigarettes

Knowing exactly what to believe online has never been more difficult than it is today. The sheer volume of misinformation, fake news, or just shoddy news reporting has grown so much that the truth is almost impossible to find nowadays. Unfortunately, those of you who are a part of the incredible vaping community will know this all too well. Any regular vape shop customer will tell you that the rise of e-cigarettes has been a huge success, benefitting the lives of millions of people. Yet, a quick browse of vaping... Read More

vaping accessories close up shot 16/10/2017

Halo E-Juice vs Vape Wild: Which E-Liquid Should You Use?

So, your faithful, refillable e-cigarette has served you well for a while. But, your trusty cabinet full of e-juice bottles you stocked up on is beginning to get a little empty. If it’s time to replenish your stock of e-juice, why not look for some new brands and flavors to enjoy? It’s all too easy to instinctively stick with the same old e-juice flavors, but there’s a very good chance that an even better vape awaits you if you mix things up. When it comes to quality and variety in... Read More

Happy vaping young white blonde girl.Smiling female model smoking fruit flavored e-liquid or e-juice with vaporizer device or e-cig.Modern gadget for smokers 09/10/2017

Using a New Coil or Vape Wild E-Juice? How To Prime Your Clearomizer

We’ve heard the horror stories more than enough times now. One of our awesome Electric Tobacconist customers gets themselves a brand new clearomizer e-cig or some more Vape Wild or Halo e-juice refills from our online vape shop. They rip open the packaging, excitedly put the e-cig together, add the e-juice, and switch it on to take a draw… …only to be met with a burnt, bitter, disgusting hit. What’s gone wrong? Why are these high-quality products creating such poor results? Well, like a lot of things in life, the... Read More

New York City, USA 02/10/2017

The Fight Against Restrictions on Vaping JUUL, Phix, and All E-Cigs Begins in New York

A feeling of tentative optimism is beginning to surround vaping when it comes to its political backdrop. The Food & Drug Administration’s “shift in trajectory” to battle smoking in America, announced in July, included plenty of positive mentions of e-cigarettes, as well as a pledge to encourage nicotine consumption from “alternative and less harmful sources”. After years of scaremongering, overly restrictive guidelines and impending deadlines, the FDA could well be set to view the likes of Vape Wild and JUUL as part of the solution, not the problem. For that... Read More

FIN E CIG Bold Tobacco Cartomizer 5-Pack 26/09/2017

FIN E Cig: Following the Vape Brand’s Extreme Rises and Falls

The life of a vape brand is rarely a simple one. With ever-changing regulations to adhere to, a passionate consumer base, and an industry that’s progressing quicker than almost any other, it takes a lot to stay on top. The likes of NJOY refills, V2 flavor cartridges, and Cue Vapor are only so successful because of tireless research, refining, and investment. These big names, however, have had far fewer brushes with disaster than FIN E Cig. One of the most recognizable e-cigarette brands in America, it’s easy to take FIN... Read More

Brunette woman vape Smok G80 eCig device 19/09/2017

MTL vs STL: How Should You Inhale E-Juice from Your E-Cigarette?

As we all know, variety is the spice of life — and the world of vaping is blessed with so much variety to experience. Which type of e-cig should you go for? Atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer? Maybe you are tempted by V2 for its flavor cartridges, or will you opt for NJOY refills? All these decisions mean there is an almost unlimited amount of different experiences to be had from vaping — and the choices don’t even stop once you’ve picked your vaping gear. How you choose to inhale your... Read More


Reaction From Experts and Brands Like Cue Vapor to the FDA Announcement

The world of e-cigarettes is still talking about the Food & Drug Administration announcement made at the end of July, and understandably so. The FDA revealed its intentions to re-evaluate and rewrite many of its pending regulations for vaping products. Along with a delay to the deadline that allows brands like Fin E Cig and Cue Vapor to prepare for product review applications, the general tone of the statement towards e-cigs was very different. It appeared to, for the first time, consider e-cigarettes to be a part of the solution... Read More