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Brunette woman vape Smok G80 eCig device 19/09/2017

MTL vs STL: How Should You Inhale E-Juice from Your E-Cigarette?

As we all know, variety is the spice of life — and the world of vaping is blessed with so much variety to experience. Which type of e-cig should you go for? Atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer? Maybe you are tempted by V2 for its flavor cartridges, or will you opt for NJOY refills? All these decisions mean there is an almost unlimited amount of different experiences to be had from vaping — and the choices don’t even stop once you’ve picked your vaping gear. How you choose to inhale your... Read More


Reaction From Experts and Brands Like Cue Vapor to the FDA Announcement

The world of e-cigarettes is still talking about the Food & Drug Administration announcement made at the end of July, and understandably so. The FDA revealed its intentions to re-evaluate and rewrite many of its pending regulations for vaping products. Along with a delay to the deadline that allows brands like Fin E Cig and Cue Vapor to prepare for product review applications, the general tone of the statement towards e-cigs was very different. It appeared to, for the first time, consider e-cigarettes to be a part of the solution... Read More

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FDA Announces Major U-Turn That Looks Set To Save the Vaping Industry

Unless you’ve had your head in the vape clouds for the past month or so, you’d have heard about a major development in the world of e-cigarettes. For well over a year, the FDA has put pressure on vape brands and their loyal customers, outlining a strict set of regulations that plunged the entire future of the industry into doubt. This was already on top of many more years of negative media coverage, biased studies and blatant misinformation that cast a less than favorable light on e-cigarettes and those who... Read More

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How the FDA’s E-Cig and E-Juice Deadline Will Unfairly Hurt Vapers

(Since this Electric Tobacconist post was written, a major announcement from the FDA looks set to change a number of factors discussed here. We’ll be breaking down this huge news and assessing the reaction from the vaping world very soon.) Vaping is not, and never will be, similar to smoking. In fact, e-cigarettes are the complete opposite, or at least a competitor, to smoking cigarettes. The failure of American politicians and decision-makers to notice — or accept — this, recklessly throwing vaping into the same melting pot as cigarettes and... Read More

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From PHIX Vape to Cue Vapor: Pod Mod E-Juices You Have To Try

Know your PHIX Vape e-juices from your BO Vape Pods? Choosing your pod mod could, quite literally, come down to your taste… More and more people every day are discovering the incredible benefits of e-cigarettes. Rather than simply being a better alternative to smoking, there’s something even more important that has helped the vaping community soar to new heights: the fact that vaping is an enjoyable thing to do. It’s not some necessary evil to achieve health goals; it’s a hobby that people can learn, engage with, and customize to... Read More

BO VAPE Starter Kit in Jelly Pod-based E-Cig Starter Kit in Jelly/Mixed berry 07/08/2017

BO Vape: E-Cig Brands in Focus

Can BO Vape overtake the likes of PHIX Vape and become the new leader in pod mods? Countless vape brands across the world are vying for supremacy when it comes to the ever-growing market of pod mod e-cigarettes. An all-in-one device with high performance levels, simple use, and attractive styling, pod mods are the latest sub-trend of vaping that are fast becoming the headline act of today’s e-cig scene. Brands such as PHIX Vape, JUUL, and even VUSE with its VUSE cartridges, have all laid the groundworks for pod mod... Read More

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The Best Refillable Vape Pens for Halo E-Juice And More

It’s a question that is on the mind of so many rookie e-cigarette users: should you buy a closed-system pod mod device or opt for a refillable vape pen? Closed-system devices from the likes of PHIX Vape and Cue Vapor are excellent, high-quality devices. But, if your priority is variety and customization in your vape, a refillable vape pen is the way forward. By investing in a refillable vape pen, you give yourself access to an incredible selection of e-liquid manufacturers and flavors, including the superb Halo e-juice range. Simply... Read More

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TV Shows And Movies That Are VERY Different If You Add E-Cigarettes And E-Juice

Anyone else been keeping up with the TV show Billions? The Showtime series starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti has been a huge hit over the last couple of years. Its New York setting, filled with lavish sets and slick filming work, ensures the show feels modern, in-the-moment and trailblazing. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that towards the end of the first season and at a key point in the show’s storyline, two of the main characters are seen taking draws on an e-cigarette. Slowly but surely, e-cigarettes and e-juice... Read More

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How Misinformation on E-Cigs & E-Juice Spread Across America

Here’s a pretty staggering fact for anyone who has reaped the benefits of e-cigarettes and e-juice. While the number of U.S. citizens who believed that vaping was less harmful than smoking reached 50% in 2012, this dropped to 43% by 2014. For vapers, vape shop owners, and anyone else who’s witnessed the bloom of the industry and community surrounding e-cigs and e-juice in recent years, that may seem difficult to believe. Unfortunately, the sustained efforts of powerful figures and companies to attack the perception of e-cigarettes is beginning to create... Read More

Vaping devices 12/07/2017

Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits for 2017

Has there ever been a better time than right now to jump into the world of vaping and pick up an e-cigarette starter kit? E-cigarette culture continue to grow and diversify, turning former critics into believers. Along with the booming culture of e-cigarettes are the products themselves. The increased demand for the very best vaping devices gives manufacturers the necessary pressure and potential reward to innovate and refine their efforts, constantly generating new experiences for consumers. What we’re trying to say is if you’ve been thinking of picking up e-cigarettes,... Read More