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Summer 2017 E-Juice by Mt Baker Vapor, Halo and Others to Keep You Refreshed

Wednesday, June 20 is this year’s date for the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere (or Thursday, June 21 if you’re on Eastern Daylight Time). As the sun reaches its northernmost point on the equator, this marks the official beginning of summertime for Americans, lasting until Friday, September 22. While the glorious weather for most of America in April was followed up by a much wetter May, June looks set to finally shrug off the spring showers once and for all. For vapers, a change in season can often mean... Read More


E-Cig Brands in Focus: Envii FITT E-Cigarette Starter Kits and E-Juice

Here at Electric Tobacconist, we always like to show a little love to the incredible e-cig and e-juice brands we stock at our humble online vape shop. Without these companies, we wouldn’t be able to provide vapers with the products they love. The time around, we’re shining the spotlight on an up-and-coming vape brand in the States with a knack for producing high-quality pod mods: Envii. Because of the brilliantly diverse range of vaping products you can purchase from physical vape shops and online vape shops alike, it’s rare nowadays... Read More

E-Juice Lovers Celebrate as Surgeon General Fired and New Bill Introduced

After years of criticism and a lack of due care towards the vaping industry from major U.S. politicians, it appears the tide may be changing. All the news on vaping coming out of Washington has, for too long, spelled danger for vape shops, e-juice brands, and other products in your trusty vape kit. Nowadays, though, there are some positive noises coming from the White House. More and more individuals in a position of power are stepping forward to fight against lazy assumptions and heavy-handed e-cig and e-juice regulations. What’s just... Read More

FDA Delays: Which E-Juice and E-Cig Rules Have the FDA Pushed Back?

By now, we’re sure you’re all too aware of the impending regulations on vaping from the Food & Drug Administration. Major e-cig and e-juice manufacturers like Mt Baker Vapor, Vape Wild, and PHIX Vape are preparing to alter products and approaches to work within the new guidelines. Meanwhile, e-cig users are in the dark as to whether some of their favorite products, like the Envii FITT and Halo e-juice, will be deemed acceptable by the FDA. Ever since the regulations began to come into place last August, challenging the changes... Read More

Price Plans for NJOY to VUSE: E-Cig Products You Should Buy on a Budget

Accessibility. That’s one of the key aspects that makes e-cigarettes such a booming, popular industry. No matter your preference in taste or style, there’s a vaping option out there for you — and the same goes with your budget. While on one hand, we have luxury products and high-end setups for those willing to splash the cash on their love for vaping, there are also far more cost-efficient options that still provide you with a quality experience. In fact, over in the U.K., vapers can pick up delicious bottles of... Read More

Bought an NJOY Disposable E-Cig? Rookie’s Guide to Inhaling E-Cigs

While we here at the Electric Tobacconist can go on and on about the accessibility and ease of use of our huge range of high-quality products, we understand that taking on any new hobby can be nervy at first. Each year, more and more people are experiencing e-cigarettes for the first time — and if you’re one of those vaping newbies, you may be looking for some key advice before getting started. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re an ex-smoker switching to an NJOY disposable e-cig, or... Read More

Where Can I Use My VUSE Cartridges? Vaping Laws in Major Countries

As we know here in the U.S., getting your head around just one set of national laws regarding e-cigarettes is difficult enough. If you’re planning on traveling to another country with your VUSE cartridges in tow, you’re then tasked with learning a whole new set of regulations. But here at Electric Tobacconist, we’re looking to make things easy for globe-trotting vapers. Some countries enforce similarly stringent e-cigarette laws to the United States, some are much more accepting of e-cigs, while other countries have flat-out banned the use of them. Knowing... Read More

New Zealand to Legalize Vaping: A Step Forward for NJOY and All E-Cigs?

Whilst we here at the Electric Tobacconist focus on providing the very best range of e-cigarette products to vapers in the U.S. and U.K., we keep a close eye on e-cig news across the globe. Those of us in the United States may be used to having to memorize and navigate around restrictive regulations when we want to use our NJOY disposable e-cig or refill BLU cartridges, but it can be a very different story elsewhere. In New Zealand, for example, steps have been taken to further incorporate e-cigarettes into... Read More

From MyJet E-Liquids to JUUL Pods: 6 E-Juices You Simply Have to Try

The beauty of today’s booming vaping industry is that it encourages competition between brands at all levels. E-liquids are no exception, with hundreds of companies constantly innovating and coming up with new flavors and combinations to blow us away. Pod mods offer vapers a stylish and sturdy device to vape from, with a built-in pod to either refill or replace with the e-juice of your choice. But with so many options to choose from nowadays, where do you start? Including the likes of CYNC and Wismec MyJet, we’ve picked out... Read More

JUUL, Von Erl or CYNC: What’s the Most Stylish Vape Pen?

Let’s face it: all of us could do with some positive reinforcement once in a while. As small a gesture as it might be, we always appreciate when someone compliments what we’re wearing, or asks about what accessories we’re using. It’s why watches and mobile phones are more than just functional devices that do a job; they’re fashion items — and as the vaping community continues to expand, the same goes for e-cigarettes. Here at the Electric Tobacconist, we’ve scoured the globe to stock the most popular and desirable vape... Read More