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Sexy girl with big breasts in her underwear smokes an electronic cigarette. vape mod concept and a lot of smoke around in the beautiful light. Popular habitss 23/04/2018

Goodbye Big Tobacco, Hello Big Vape

Cigarette firms are in danger of going out of business, as vaping starts to take over — big-time. Giant cigarette companies are increasingly acknowledging that their time may be up, as more smokers turn to vaping to avoid all the many diseases that tobacco smoke causes — and get healthier as a result. This is leading to seismic upheavals in the corporate boardrooms of tobacco firms all over the world, sick of seeing their markets drying up and their once-enormous profits shrinking. Recently called an “industry of death” by a... Read More

JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit 16/04/2018

Everything You Wanted to Know About ‘Juuling’ But Were Afraid to Ask

What are the kids up to now? Sneaking off to the school bathroom to secretly vape. A phenomenon has taken the vaping world by storm, but strangely, it’s still something of a secret. It’s called ‘Juuling’ and has become especially popular with younger people, as they vape away without drawing all that much attention to what they’re doing. That’s because Juul vaping devices don’t particularly resemble what many people expect vaping equipment to look like: an e-cigarette in the shape of a tobacco cigarette or a tank-like device with lights... Read More

juul vaporizer starter kit 05/04/2018

JUUL Review: Pods and Flavors Guide – Updated for 2018!

There’s no doubt that JUUL is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarette on the market today. While a number of outstanding, similar products have emerged since the JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit burst onto the scene, it still remains the benchmark for many when it comes to pod-based vaping. That’s exactly why we proudly stock JUUL flavors and full starter kits here at Electric Tobacconist, and are constantly having to restock due to popular demand. This JUUL review takes a closer look at what you can expect when using... Read More

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Step into Spring with a Great New Vaping Outlook

The range of affordable and easy-to-use vape products available today can help smokers feel healthier and happier. Have you smoked your way all through winter? Would you just love to get fit and healthy now spring is here and we’re hurtling towards the glory days of summer? Or are you, like millions of other Americans, desperate to kick your unhealthy habit and just feel good again? How many of us are hooked on cigarettes? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us 15.5% of the adult population of our... Read More

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Is the US Becoming a Nation of Vapers?

Why are there more real-world vape stores than ever before, and are we all turning into vapers? Have you noticed that almost everywhere you look in towns and cities across the US these days, there’s a new vape store? They seem to spring up almost overnight, mushrooming all over the place — and that’s just in the physical world. Online, it’s the same entrepreneurial story. It’s estimated there are upwards of 12,000 vape shops spread around the US, each thought to be generating monthly revenue of some $26,000, or $312,000... Read More

E-Cigarettes Can Boost the FDA's Quit-Smoking Campaign 19/03/2018

How E-Cigarettes Can Boost the FDA’s Quit-Smoking Campaign

The Brits are backing e-cigarettes as a solid way to kick the habit, so why can’t we?   The Food and Drug Administration is urging people to stop smoking, again, and has launched a new campaign to try and convince them to try and kick the unhealthy habit once and for all. Here at Electric Tobacconist, we applaud any efforts to drive down the rates of smoking in the United States — an activity that claims 480,000 lives a year and is the leading cause of preventable death in the... Read More

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E-Cigarettes Can Drastically Improve the Image of ‘Social Smokers’

Can e-cigarettes offer a way out of embarrassing social situations where smoking’s involved? Everyone knows today that smoking kills and there’s little positive to say about the habit, other than it can give you feelings of relaxation and a “buzz“. Even on a purely superficial level, it can be deadly to your image as well. Hardly anyone wants to be in the company of smokers, as they’re not just harming the health of everyone in the vicinity, but it sends out the wrong signal entirely: Nowadays, you are just not... Read More

The new technology cigarette, hybrid cigarette, heatsticks, tobacco, new device 05/03/2018

Why Vapers Are Wary of Heated Tobacco

Can heated tobacco products be included in vaping circles? ask vapers and many others. Cigarettes burn tobacco, but what about heating it instead? And not in paper, but a metal device instead? Would such a product deliver what smokers want, but not the many harmful elements associated with tobacco? Some big tobacco companies want us to think so, but not everyone agrees — including many vapers. We’re talking about heated tobacco: a proposed evolution of the cigarette. One of the largest tobacco companies is intent on trying to prove it’s... Read More

Modern girl smoking vape.Trendy new vaping device,smoke e-liquid instead of nicotine cigarettes.Tobacco free e-juice. Vaping concept 13/02/2018

How to Start Vaping: What’s in a Blu e-Cig Starter Kit?

A blu e-cig starter kit could help you to stop smoking and be healthier. As health authorities around the world urge people to take up vaping as a sure-fire way to kick their smoking habit, many people are picking up e-cigarettes for the first time and starting their vaping experience. But for some, vaping can be something of a mystery, leaving them not sure where to begin — even with something as simple as a blu e-cig starter kit. In the UK, for instance, the National Health Service has for... Read More

mark ten xl 09/02/2018

Mark Ten XL Review: Showcasing Mark Ten XL Cartridges & Fresh Products

MarkTen, commonly known as Mark Ten or Mark 10, is an e-cigarette brand owned by Altria, a Philip Morris USA company. Launched in the summer of 2015, the company’s headline product, the Mark Ten XL, comes in a cigarette-style package. This is clearly a product aimed at people who are used to smoking, designed to make the transition as painless as possible with an accessible product.* One feature which smokers will appreciate is the lack of buttons. Simply inhale on the e-cigarette to start the flow of the Mark Ten... Read More