WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Is the blu electronic cigarette starter kit the best e-cigarette for beginners?

blu’s electronic cigarette starter kit is designed to make it easy for smokers to switch

Are you one of those people that would like to stop smoking as easily and as simply as possible? Then blu’s electronic cigarette kits were made just for you. In the blu Plus rechargeable starter kit, you’ll find everything that you need to try vaping, without having to worry about tricky gadgets or unusual flavors.

A blu e-cig very closely resembles a traditional cigarette, except that it has an LED which glows bright blue on the inhale. This style of e-cig, known as a ‘cig-a-like’ or ‘mini-e-cig’ is a little bigger than a traditional cigarette and a little weightier too, but overall the experience is quite similar.

blu e-cig-plus starter kit
What’s inside the blu Plus Electronic Cigarette starter kit?

We sell two different blu brand kits, the Starter Kit and the Xpress Kit.  The $14.95 blu e-cig Xpress Kit comes with:

  • one rechargeable blu battery
  • two Classic Tobacco flavor tanks
  • one USB charger

The $41.99 blu Plus+ Starter Kit (which we sell cheaper than the RRP) comes with:

  • two rechargeable blu batteries
  • three Classic Tobacco flavor tanks
  • one USB charger
  • a blu+ Plus pack

We also sell spare blu batteries for $8.95 and spare blu chargers for $7.95. The Xpress is the better option for those that just want to try e-cigarettes. The starter kit is the better option for those who would like to use their e-cigarette throughout the day.


How long does the blu electronic cigarette battery last?

blu e-cigarettes are powered by lithium-ion batteries, exactly the same batteries that you have inside your laptop or mobile phone. One battery will keep your e-cig going for about two hours. The blue LED will flash when you’re running out of batteries or when you’ve pulled more than six times in a minute.

The key difference between the two starter kits is the blu+ Plus pack. The Plus pack, which looks like a flip-top cigarette box, acts as a portable charger; first you charge the pack, then your pack charges your spare battery. Once your battery dies, you switch your batteries around and they are good to go. The pack will charge your batteries six times before you need to charge it up again. This is enough to get a regular vaper through the day.

If you are a very heavy smoker then you might struggle to get enough nicotine from the Blu starter kit. We’d recommend that heavy smokers go straight for the longer lasting ‘box mod’ style of e-cigarette, such as the Innokin iTaste EP E-cigarette Starter Kit.


How do you change the cartridge for a blu electronic cigarette?

The blu electronic mini e-cig comes with three Classic Tobacco flavor tanks that are smooth, easy on the draw and pack a satisfying throat hit. Each tank is good for approximately 550 puffs. blu says that each tank is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, and though that’s a little optimistic, they’re not too far off. To get started with your e-cig, you simply screw the flavor tank onto one of the batteries — don’t worry, the well-packaged box comes with detailed instructions.

When your flavor tank runs dry, you swap it out and put a new one in. When you get through the three that come with the starter kit, you can buy a pack of three more tanks for $14.99. There are four different flavors that you can try: Classic tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush. All come with 24 milligrams per milliliter (mgs) of nicotine, and the flavor tanks are made right here in the USA. You can mix and match any four packs (each containing three tanks) for $51.95 — and that comes with free shipping too.

The blu electronic cigarette is the perfect starter kit for beginners, especially if they are average smokers. But it’s not the perfect e-cigarette. Our more advanced products offer longer battery life, a better flavored inhale, cheaper refills and much more. Our more sophisticated products will be waiting for you if you ever feel the need to move on from your blu e-cigs.

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