April 2016

Which E-cigarette Brand is Best for You?

We sell 32 different e-cig brands on our website. Find out which one will suit your style of vaping. Whether you are a new vaper or an advanced vaper, you’re sure to find your new favourite vape somewhere in our online store. Best e-cigarette brand for new vapers? One of the largest and most well-respected e-cigarette brands of all time, V2 is an excellent choice for newbie vapers. Boasting delicious flavors, impressive clouds and a satisfying finish, the V2 Standard Starter Kit is both one of the most popular and... Read More

Vaping “Search Science” isn’t Exactly Scientific

A misleading new study laments the fact that fewer than 1% of vape searches mention “health” — so what? Based on the latest study from ‘health researchers’ it looks like I’m in the wrong line of work. I’m sure that Rebecca S. Williams, MHS, PhD, researcher at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, gets paid an awful lot more than I do to do ‘research’ that anyone with access to Google could do that tells us almost nothing about “cancer”, “health promotion”... Read More

H3H3 goes Vape Nation, Y’all.

Youtuber H3H3 takes on the vaping subculture with a satirical video. But is it even funny? I hate seeing vaping being ripped on — taking aim at those trying to improve their health by swapping smoke for cigarettes isn’t exactly classy — but I’ve got to admit that H3H3’s vape nation video got a couple of laughs out of me. H3H3’s Ethan Klein is on a mission to “rip the fattest vape” and he’s brought his best chub and tuck game. He’s roaming the streets of NYC in search of... Read More

Huffington Post Publishes Doctor’s E-Cigarette Lies

Huff Po journalists had to scramble to fix an anti-vaping article riddled with obvious inaccuracies, half-truths and outright lies. It’s hard to see how anyone could reasonably believe that what ‘Dr’ Margaret Cuomo’s blatantly untrue statements about e-cigarettes were an honest mistake — these were outright lies of the most self-serving kind — lies that promoted her book while spreading misinformation that could obviously damage public health. What happened? Cuomo featured in a video on the Huffington Post that made a number of untrue claims about e-cigarettes. Here are her... Read More