May 2016

Vapers Need Positivity Not Panic in the Face of FDA’s New Regulations

The new FDA regulations are certainly tough, but vaping can survive if it is able to organize If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard how the FDA’s new vaping regulations will cripple the vaping industry. It looks likely that we’re about to see 99% of vaping products outlawed — a statistic that has many vapers stockpiling their favorite e-juices and barricading themselves in their basements. Such a reaction is understandable, perhaps even justifiable, but it isn’t helpful. Vapers need to stay positive, stay practical and become... Read More


Support Vaping & Win Prizes in Our Huge Hardware Giveaway!

Electric Tobacconist has teamed up with Vaping360 to give away 5 Innokin Cortex iSub S Starter Kits and 10 Kanger CL Tanks The only thing better than supporting vaping is winning vaping hardware — fortunately, our huge giveaway gives you a chance to do both! The FDA’s new vaping regulations are likely to see 99% of vaping products taken off the market. We’re not taking this lying down and neither should you. That’s why our giveaway rewards vapers who support vaping advocacy! To be in with a chance of winning,... Read More


The FDA’s New Vaping Regulations Are a Massive Middle Finger Aimed at Vapers Like You

We explain the FDA’s new vaping regulations and how they will affect vaping. On Thursday the 5th of May, the FDA released their new vaping regulations — regulations that are a disaster for the vaping industry and a disaster for public health. The only people who will welcome these new rules are the big tobacco companies, who stand to benefit enormously from the eradication of their competition. Here’s how vapers will be affected by the new FDA regulations: Many of your favorite vaping products and companies will vanish. The cost... Read More


Best E-cigarette Starter Kits for Someone Who is New to Vaping

The thought of “sub-ohm” vaping or “titanium coils” can seem like a bit of a leap for a newbie, but learning to vape is a simple process made easy with a starter kit. Step away from that gas station vape! Many people’s first experience with an e-cigarette is with one of those cheap disposable models purchased at a gas station, but these often leave a lot to be desired and can put some people off vaping altogether. You’re better off investing a little bit of money in an e-cigarette starter... Read More


Vaping Saved My Life [Infographic]

Could sharing your e-cigarette save a life? It might sound like a dumb thing to say, but let’s take a look at the numbers. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the US. Nearly half a million Americans die each year as a direct result of smoking-related diseases. Many more suffer from debilitating illnesses. To put that in context, more Americans are killed by cigarettes each year than were killed in all of World War 2.   There are still forty million smokers in the US today. Now... Read More