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Mark 10 XL: A Complete Guide to Their E-cigarette Flavors

MarkTen XL, commonly known as Mark 10 XL, is an e-cigarette brand owned by Altria, a Philip Morris USA company. Launched in the summer of 2015, the Mark 10 XL comes in a cigarette-style package. This is clearly a product aimed at people who are used to smoking, and it is designed to make the transition as painless as possible. One feature which smokers will appreciate is the lack of buttons. Simply inhale on the e-cigarette to start the flow of vapor. They have patented something called “FourDraw” technology, which... Read More


JUUL Pods Review and Flavor Guide: 2016

JUUL is a brand of e-cigarette. You can buy both the JUUL Vaporizer Starter Kit and the refills (known as JUUL Pods) on the Electric Tobacconist website. JUUL e-cigarette products are created by Pax Labs. JUUL e-cigarette Starter Kit Pax Labs have made their JUUL e-cigarette so easy to use that it’s been called “the iPhone of e-cigarettes”. Click a JUUL flavor pod into place when you are ready to vape. To start vaping simply inhale on the device — no button press needed. Tap your JUUL e-cigarette twice to... Read More


Everything you Need to Know About VUSE E-cigarettes

Considering buying a VUSE e-cigarette? We’ve answered our customers’ common questions VUSE e-cigarettes are a top-selling product backed by an enormous marketing campaign and many satisfied customers. If you’ve got questions about VUSE, here’s the place to get answers. Are VUSE e cigs good? VUSE e-cigarettes tend to get five-star reviews from our satisfied customers, which is a pretty good indicator of their quality. Since January 2016, “VUSE” has also been the name most consistently on our customers’ lips. One of our customers said she enjoyed the “long lasting flavor”... Read More


Can You Help the FDA Figure Out What Caused Smoking Rates to Plummet in 2015?

Due to the FDA’s regulations, we cannot say that e-cigarettes help people to give up smoking. But we can say that approximately 5.5 million Americans quit cigarettes last year. That’s the highest number of successful quit attempts we’ve seen in decades. “The trend over the last few years is remarkable, particularly the last two years,” said Kenneth E. Warner, a professor of public health at the University of Michigan. Why have smoking rates dropped in the US? Can you think of anything that has become popular in the last couple... Read More

Why Is Twitter Censoring Critics of the FDA’s New Anti-vaping Regulations?

Twitter suspended a popular account which parodied the FDA’s stance on vaping. Who will be next? Of all the things that deserved to be mocked on Twitter, @FDATobacco is nearly at the top. For a start, its e-cigarette policy is borderline lunacy. For seconds, the FDA uses a monotonous bot-like Twitter account to spam meaningless ‘public health’ updates to its followers. However, a parody account mocking the FDA has just been suspended. Why did this happen, and was it justified? Who Is @FDATobaccoBot? @FDATobaccoBot is was a spoof Twitter account... Read More