August 2016


Are You a “Tobacco Product”?

The FDA, as part of the latest bill on e-cigarettes and e-liquids, has changed the definition of a tobacco product and raised some rather bizarre questions about how far this definition could be stretched. The Traditional Tobacco Product Prior to August 8, items labelled as tobacco products made logical sense: cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco being a few examples. Anything that was created from something of the genus Nicotiana was branded a tobacco product, because of the associated health risks that tobacco poses by affecting the heart, liver and lungs.... Read More


E-Cigs: 7 Tips to Avoid Disaster with Lithium-ion Batteries

What are Lithium-ion batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are one of the five main types of rechargeable batteries available today. They are most widely used in electronics due to them being lightweight, having a low self-discharge rate and having a small memory effect. The low self-discharge rate makes them perfect for producing longer lasting products, and the small memory effect means that only partially charging, or charging without being fully discharged, results in the batteries retaining their maximum energy capacity. Lithium-ion is the go-to choice for e-cigarette batteries and are widely used... Read More


The FDA Rulings: Some Reasons for Vapers to be Cheerful

We have been focusing in our blog a lot on how the latest FDA rulings will be harmful to the industry and smaller manufacturers, but there is another side to the story. There have been — and there will be — some successes that come from the latest FDA bill, and over the next two years, we will see how much effect the legislation has had on the industry. It’s not all doom and gloom! Innovation It’s no surprise that as the new rules are brought into effect, innovation in... Read More