October 2016


Happy Halloween! Vape Some Freaky Flavors from Gwar E-Liquids and Others

Halloween certainly isn’t just for the kids. Full of fancy dress outfits and spooky themes, Halloween parties are usually some of the most enjoyable gatherings of the year. Getting friends together at home means more freedom to do what you want, including vaping — so you won’t have to suffer the same fate of Leonardo DiCaprio come Oscars time. Halloween parties are a great opportunity to exchange suggestions with fellow vapers, finding out which e-cigs and flavors to try out next. Bringing your own rare, Halloween-themed e-liquids will add some... Read More


E-Cigs FDA Crackdown: New Products that Miss the Bill

We here at the Electric Tobacconist have talked plenty about the recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) crackdown on the e-cigarette industry. It’s with good reason; the all-encompassing (and arguably heavy-handed) changes set to reshape the vaping world come with consequences for retailers, consumers, and popular manufacturers like V2 and Mt. Baker Vapor. Initial expectations surrounding the changes are for the e-cig industry to take a huge hit, with severe restrictions and expensive practices set to be put in place for all manufacturers to follow. But what will this mean... Read More

Mt Baker Vapor or Apollo: Which E-Liquid Is Right for You?

Variety really is the spice of life, so when it comes to e-cigarettes, life is spicier than a handful of jalapeños. One of the factors that has allowed vaping to soar in popularity in recent years is how the number of options for flavors has expanded in turn. E-cig brands like Apollo, Mt Baker Vapor, Vaporin and many others have developed a huge range of e-liquids for their products, aiming to satisfy the taste buds of every vaper. The vaping community is constantly coming across new flavors, favorites, and concoctions... Read More


V2 or Vuse? Why You Should Invest in an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Thanks to its ever-rising popularity and accessible nature, vaping is a pastime that people tend to throw themselves at. If you’re relatively new to e-cigarettes, choosing what device to start with is exciting — but as a rookie, it’s best to ease yourself into the world of vaping. While using an e-cig may seem simple enough, it takes time, testing, and a bit of knowledge to optimize your vaping experience. There are plenty of intricacies to the art of using e-cigs, too, with plenty of sub-trends like ‘cloud-chasing’ and ‘sub-Ohming’... Read More