November 2016

What Do BAT’s E-Cigarette Market Movements Mean for Vapers?

It’s not just the fantastic flavors and sleek styles that attract people to e-cigarettes. As the vaping world has rapidly expanded over the last decade, it’s grown into a tightly-knit community of diverse, open-minded individuals. Bonded by a common love for brands like Mt Baker Vapor and My Von Erl, friendly forums, quirky independent stores, and even vaping festivals are now all the rage. At times, however, politics threatens to dominate the zeitgeist of smoking and make it a topic of conversation for the wrong reasons. This has been no... Read More


“A Billion Lives” – Exposing How E-Cigs Are Disrupting the Tobacco Industry

If I told you that a billion lives will be cut short by cigarette smoking this century, wouldn’t you want to promote a safer alternative? This statistic is based in actual medical reality and yet, unfortunately, the e-cigarette trade is being crippled at every turn. Back in August, the documentary A Billion Lives was released by filmmaker Aaron Biebert that cast the e-cig industry in a far more complimentary light. Until now, the FDA has been wantonly restricting the way e-cigarettes are sold and manufactured, impacting heavily on brands such... Read More

Should First-Time Vapers Go for Cigarette-Style E-Cigs or Vaporizer Pens?

Trying something for the first time can always seem daunting, and using e-cigarettes is no different. Fortunately, the vaping world is a very open and welcoming community, making it easy to find tips and stories from fellow vapers. When it comes to purchasing that first e-cigarette, though, the sheer abundance of choice at your disposal, including established (but unknown to you) brands like V2, Vuse, and Mt Baker Vapor, can make things a little difficult. Many vaping newbies come to us with one simple question: should I vape with a... Read More

For E-Cig Aficionados: Sleek and Stylish Vaporizers (Feat. My Von Erl and JUUL)

Vaping is one of the hottest, steamiest trends around. But which of our vaporizers comes out victorious in the design category? For those who want something a little sleeker between their lips, look no further than our list of exquisite e-cig designs. Though you may consider yourself a viscount of the vaporizer or an ambassador of the e-cig elite, finding the right tool for your craftsmanship isn’t always easy. But, as the e-cigarette market develops, designs are becoming slicker, with companies such as Vuse and My Von Erl producing vaporizers... Read More

FDA Rulings: The Potential Impact on E-Cigarette Businesses and Consumers

Since August 8th, 2016, e-cigarettes have been classed as “tobacco products”. New products now require lengthy, expensive testing in the form of a Premarket Tobacco Application. What will this mean for e-cig businesses and consumers who use vape pens all the time? The Effect on Small & Large Businesses The costs of getting e-cigarette products approved will be somewhere between $330,000 and $2 million per product. Many small businesses won’t be able to take this hit and will be forced to close. This means laying off staff and pulling the... Read More