JUUL V PHIX: Two Huge Pod-Based Vape Brands Compared

Plus: a new contender for the throne in Bo Vape!

Closed-system, pod-based e-cigarettes continue to take the vaping world by storm. Using e-juice pods that click, screw or snap onto the battery of your e-cigarette, these e-cigs offer a consistent, high-quality vape that is difficult to match.

But, if you’re looking to jump into the world of pod mods, which brand and product should you opt for? More often than not, this conversation leads to two main contenders: JUUL and PHIX Vape. Both of these leading manufacturers create superb closed-system e-cigs with incredibly similar designs and specifications. Picking the right one for you can seem tricky, but fear not! Here’s a detailed guide to the pod-based e-cigarettes from JUUL and PHIX Vape — along with an emerging competitor that is beginning to challenge these two heavyweights…

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JUUL v PHIX Vape: The Look

A glance at the pod-based devices from JUUL and PHIX Vape immediately tells you that they boast very similar designs — hence why vapers often look to compare the two of them. The JUUL e-cig is four inches tall and the PHIX Vape is around the same length, making them easy to fit in your hand or slide inconspicuously into your pocket.

Both offer slim, sleek, rectangular shapes, with the pod placed at the mouthpiece of the device. Both have modern, monotone color schemes and minimalist designs, similar to that of other top gadgets like an iPhone or a videogames console. In all honesty, from a distance, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between the PHIX Vape and JUUL creations.

In terms of aesthetics, then, there’s very little to choose between the JUUL Vaporizer and PHIX Vape e-cigs. In that case, it’s time to pop the hood and see how the key details of the devices (and their respective e-cigarette starter kits) stack up.

JUUL v PHIX Vape: Tale of the Tape

The Electric Tobacconist is dedicated to bringing vapers the very best e-cigarette devices around, so it’s no surprise that we stock both a JUUL Vaporizer e-cigarette starter kit, and a PHIX Vape e-cigarette starter kit.

Before you decide which one you’ll invest in, take a look at this handy table to see how these two great e-cig products compare:


Price $48.95 $34.95
Starter Kit 1 device

4 assorted refills

1 charger

1 device

1 refill

1 charger

E-Juice pod size 0.7ml 1.5ml
Puffs per pod 200 400-450
Nicotine % 5% 5%
E-Juice flavors Virginia Tobacco

Cool Mint

Creme Brulee

Fruit Medley



Tobacco Butterscotch

Hard Strawberry

Tobacco Ice


Separate e-juice prices $15.95 (pack of 4) $22.99 (pack of 4)
Charger Magnetic USB USB
Warranty 1 year None

JUUL v PHIX: What Does the Table Tell Us?

The stand-out point for many may well be the price, with the PHIX Vape e-cigarette starter kit coming in at $14 cheaper than its rival. However, that higher price for the JUUL vaporizer has much to do with the extra pods, offering three more than the PHIX Vape kit.

Separate e-juice packs are actually $7 cheaper from JUUL than they are from PHIX, so long-term, it may seem that JUUL is the more financially sound option. However, each of the e-juice refills from PHIX Vape comes in a 1.5ml pod and produces around 400 puffs — double the size and longevity of the JUUL pods. So while you’re paying more for PHIX Vape e-liquid, it’ll certainly last longer.

With identical nicotine percentages and glowing reviews for both the JUUL and PHIX Vape devices, it seems that what these products offer is as similar as how they look. It may all come down to simply what your preferred taste in e-juice is. JUUL and PHIX Vape devices only use e-juice refills manufactured by themselves and offer very different selections. PHIX Vape has a few more tobacco-based e-juices, while JUUL pods have a little more variety to them.

Could BO Vape take on closed-system giants like JUUL and PHIX?

Of course, there is much more to the world of closed-system, pod-based e-cigarettes than the offerings from JUUL and PHIX. One brand in particular, BO Vape, has a device that might just rival these major names.

The Bo One e-cigarette starter kit immediately grabs your attention in a few ways — not least the price, rivaling the PHIX Vape at $34.99. The classic closed-system design is refined further, with a few more edges and darker shades for a futuristic feel. It’s even sleeker than what JUUL and PHIX can provide, too, being just 100mm tall and weighing only 22g!

Plenty of positive reviews have already been penned about this effort from BO Vaping, with some saying it offers the complete package when it comes to e-cigs. So, while JUUL v PHIX may be the classic battle for closed-system vaping supremacy, it’s certainly worth considering the Bo One, too.

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