Great Vape Events to Look Out for This Year

Thinking about heading out to great vape events this year and learning more about the wonderful world of vaping? There’s a lot to see!

Showing of e-cigarettes at Vapexpo MOSCOW - international exhibition and conference of VAPE-industry in Sokolniki Exhibition Center

It’s not only vaping that’s a relatively new activity for millions of people in the United States. There’s also the excitement of traveling to a growing number of vape events all over the country. It’s a must for e-cigarette users and one that offers the chance to meet new people who are also interested in vaping, learn more about vape gear and discover emerging new vape gear.

If you have a vape store, it’s important to attend as many events as you can, so you can keep up with new products and trends. Already in the US this year, we’ve had two great vape shows — MidWest Vapor Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, both in April. Here’s what’s coming up for the rest of the year:


National Vape Expo

This is one for those involved in the vape industry, and perhaps those who own a vape store and want to find out what’s coming onto the market so they can order new vape gear. It’s being held at the Mobile Convention Centre in Mobile, Alabama from May 19-20, and will showcase the latest in electronic cigarettes, mods, e-liquids, and just about everything connected with vaping.



The Vapers Carnivale Expo

Among the vape events taking place later this year is the Vapers Carnivale Expo, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from June 16-17. Every vape store worth its salt will be in attendance, as well as vendors from all over the world, the organisers say. If you’re a smoker and have never vaped and are wondering how to go about it, this might be one of the best vape events for you. Smokers get special registration and a vaping start kit to get them going (while supplies last).



West Coast Vape Expo 2018

The exciting West Coast Vape Expo 2018 will be held at the Kitsap Conference Center near Seattle from July 6-8. Its aim is to bring the vaping community in the Pacific Northwest together, as well as to raise awareness — and finances — to promote vaping. Visitors can enjoy talks, a live auction and raffles, and the money raised will go to towards advocacy of vaping. Don’t miss the West Coast Vape Expo Cloud and Trick Comp — especially if you want to take part, as there’s a grand prize of $1,000.



Vape in the Fort 3.0

Returning for its third year, this vape event will be happening at the Lincoln Financial Building Pavilion at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana on August 11 only. Several thousand people are again expected to converge on this hot vaping expo to check out what’s on offer from leading global vaping vendors, including online vape stores. Unity, education and advocacy are the themes of Vape in the Fort 3.0.

National Vape Expo

The National Vape Expo is back, only this time it’s in Richmond, Virginia, from August 25-26. It’s another of the big vape events taking place in the US this year, and not to be missed for the large number of exhibitors. There will also be a vaping advocacy panel and an open Q&A session, where you can ask any vaping-related question you want. Also featured are juice and mod competitions — and you’ll revel in music and entertainment throughout the two days.


So, if you’re an avid vaper or just starting out on the road to vaping and giving up unhealthy cigarettes, why not head to one of these great vape events later this year?

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