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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Query Answered: What Is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine seems to be all over the place. Here we reveal exactly what this vaping star is.

If you’re a vaper who follows the latest news and developments in this fast-moving sector (hopefully, including here on our blog), you may have been reading a lot lately about salt nicotine and still be wondering what on earth it is. In this blog, we’re going to examine this curiously-named substance and tell you all about it, including how you can use it to enhance your vaping experience.

Salt nicotine — also called nicotine salts or nic salts — is used in place of regular freebase nicotine in e-liquid. As with other vape juices, nic salt liquids have a propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base with flavorings and nicotine mixed in; however, the form of nicotine used in nic salt juices is much closer to the salts found naturally in the tobacco leaf. Nic salts are very smooth to inhale and are absorbed quickly into the body, so vaping them closely resembles the experience of smoking.

While propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin may sound a bit scary, they’re actually widely used in the food and healthcare-products industries. They’re found in everything from ice-cream and cake mix to granola bars, toothpaste, mouthwash, children’s aspirin and more. For vapers, each base provides a different level of flavor, throat hit and overall vapor density, depending on what they’re looking for.

A Craze for Salt Nicotine

nicotine salt

Now, something of a craze has emerged for salt nicotine and it is sweeping the nation. One of the leading types of vape gear providing nic salts in its e-liquid refills is Juul, the runaway vaping success that’s now embarking on an international expansion and has just arrived in the United Kingdom. Juul pods contain more nicotine than many e-liquids, and this is one reason they’re proving a hit.

The name “nicotine salts” refers to the form of nicotine that’s used to make the e-juice. Nic salts have a similar form to the nicotine that’s found in the tobacco leaf, and are absorbed more quickly than regular freebase nicotine. For smokers, this delivers a smoother vape even at higher strengths and more closely matches the experience they’re after if they’re trying to quit.

Plus, nic salt vapes like Juul and others are easy to use and don’t require any detailed knowledge to use them. For smokers, they also provide a similar physical sense of holding a cigarette and smoking — essential for those desperate to kick their unhealthy habit, without relapsing to smoking all over again. Let’s not forget that smoking is a deadly business — one that kills half its users, leading to a grim annual death toll of around 480,000 people in the United States each year.

Is Salt Nicotine for You?

Due to the high level of nicotine (which has been lowered for European markets to comply with EU vaping regulations), nic salts may not be for everyone. But they’re a good fit for someone who is a medium or heavy smoker who gets through a few packs of cigarettes every few days or less. They’ll still get the nicotine they want, but without any of the many harmful chemicals given off by burning tobacco.

Smokers may already have tried various types of vape gear and e-liquids, only to go back to cigarettes because they weren’t satisfied with the experience — so nicotine salts may well deliver what they require and help them stay off tobacco for good. They’re also perfect for vaping newcomers, as they’re simple and easy to use.

Nicotine salt, it turns out, might just save your health. And as it’s far cheaper than expensive cigarettes, you’ll make big financial savings too.

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