Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices 2019

Rev your vaping experience up several gears with this incredible array of nic salt vapes.

If you’re a serious vaper, or even if you’re just starting out, you’ll almost certainly have heard of nicotine salts. They’re currently extremely popular because they deliver what many people say is a far more satisfying vaping experience. The secret lies in the base that’s used to make the e-juice: usually, it’s either one of two: VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or PG (Propylene Glycol), each of which has its own properties and provides a unique vaping experience.

Nicotine salt e-juices are quite different, however, as they contain nicotine in a purer and more concentrated form. This allows vapers using pod mods and other low-output vape gear to get a bigger nicotine hit but without the unpleasant sensations in the throat that can sometimes occur with vaping. 

Nic salts, as they’re commonly known, are also favored among those looking for a nicotine rush comparable to traditional cigarettes, as well as vapers who wish to get more bang for their buck. Here’s our guide to the best nicotine salt e-juices for 2019:

1. Aqua Pure Nic Salt

AQUA Pure 30ml Nic Salt Vape

Aqua Pure Nic Salt vape juice comes with the summery flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and apple and in 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths. This nic salts twist on one of Aqua’s most popular original flavors may be better than the original thanks to its nicotine salts formula and 50% VG 50% PG ratio. 

2. Atomic Salts Evermint Menthol

Atomic Salts Evermint Menthol

This cool nic salts is a total nicotine formula that will give you the vaping joy you want. It’s a new take on the classic menthol e-juice flavor that will keep you refreshed no matter how hot it gets. Plus, it combines a hint of mint to also give you the sweetest vaping experience and one that will keep you coming back for more as Atomic Salts Evermint Menthol becomes one of your favorite salt nic e-liquids.

3. SaltNic Dry Tobacco

SaltNic Dry Tobacco

This is one for lovers of the classic tobacco taste, while avoiding the bad qualities of tobacco and giving vapers the nicotine, and taste, they want. It’s an e-juice that reminds you why you took up smoking, before realizing how dreadful it is for your health, and that now you can have the same taste while not smoking at all.

4. Pod Juice Jewel Mint

Pod Juice Jewel Mint

Vape cool Jewel Mint from Pod Juice by itself or mix it up with other awesome flavors to create your own unique taste sensation. Pod Juice calls this nifty e-liquid its “menthol masterpiece”, which it devised after trying lots of different minty flavors but was not entirely satisfied. On the inhale, you’ll get a cooling frosty taste, while exhaling brings out a hint of mint — and with max 55mg salt nicotine, it’s cool all round.

5. Solace Creamy Tobacco

Solace Creamy Tobacco

Solace Creamy Tobacco is an indulgent vaping dream and the perfect choice for fans of slightly sweet tobacco flavors. You can look forward to the great tobacco flavor you love as well as a lush creamy finish on the exhale, all powered by a perfectly crafted salt nic base that will keep you totally satisfied and coming back for more.

6. SaltNic Tropical Mango

SaltNic Tropical Mango

Time to get fruity with SaltNic’s bold Tropical Mango e-liquid, which combines hints of other elements, such as coconut, for an exotic vaping experience. It’s a 30ml e-juice with a nic salt base and is available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths — but be aware it’s not for use in sub-ohm vaping gear. Make big-burst Tropical Mango an addition to your e-juice stash and you won’t look back.

7. Kwit Mango Tango

Kwit Mango Tango

More mango, this time in the form of exciting Mango Tango from Kwit, which will have your taste buds dancing for ages. The delicious flavor of mango is delivered by a nic salt base you’ll love, and you can choose from either 30mg or 50mg strengths in a 30ml bottle that’s bursting with a totally tropical taste. Get your vaping shoes on and do the Mango Tango. 

8. Mr. Salt-E Vanilla Custard

Mr. Salt-E Vanilla Custard

What’s better than vanilla vapes? Vanilla and custard vapes. That’s what Mr. Salt-E promises, and delivers, with awesome Vanilla Custard vape juice that you should definitely try for this unique flavor combination. It’s the ultimate smooth vaping experience with a big nicotine hit and also has dreamy notes of caramel and even graham crackers on the exhale — a lot packed into a nic salts 30ml e-juice bottle.

9. Glas Vapor Fizzy Lemonade Nic Salt

Glas Vapor Fizzy Lemonade Nic Salt

When you’re in need of some vaping refreshment, a nic salts Fizzy Lemonade e-liquid from Glas Vapor is just the thing. It combines lemonade with lime soda and sweet pineapple and finishes off this cool creation with a hint of menthol in nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg. It’s the perfect addition to your e-juice arsenal during the hot days of summer or whatever the weather.

10. I Love Salts — Juicy Apples

I Love Salts — Juicy Apples

Take a big bite out of this crisp nic salts e-juice and you definitely won’t look back. It’s a juicy must-have for vapers everywhere and, with its tangy and sweet notes, you can use it all day long without getting taste-fatigue. Juicy Apples comes in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths and is also one not for sub-ohm devices. Fruit lovers rejoice, and get your Juicy Apples e-liquid with satisfying nic salts today!

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