Best Starter Kits in 2019

A look at the best vaping starter kits you can get your hands on in 2019.

Vaping starter kits are ideal for newcomers who want to start their vaping journey, as well as current vapers who want a hassle-free setup and quality craftsmanship.

All vapes come with a charging cable, so you can keep your device powered up, as well as an instruction manual that will give you all the details about your great new vape device. There are a lot of vaping starter kits on the market, and we’ve trawled through many of them to bring you this best vape starter kit guide for 2019.

1. Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn

The snazzy Caliburn is a robust piece of vaping gear and a pod mod that has become highly popular and prized among vapers. It’s so light you’ll think you have a feather in your hand, and the 520mAh battery, which you can activate by drawing on the device or hitting the firing button, will keep you going for ages. This is one vaping starter kit that’s perfect for someone starting out, as well as more seasoned vapers.

2. SMOK Nord


This is one complete vaping kit you’ll love. Rip it open and you’ll be vaping in no time — and look ultra-cool doing so, thanks to SMOK’s trademark cobra pattern. The battery is a powerful 1100mAh that you can juice up via a USB port on your laptop or elsewhere. It’s a great choice for vapers who want to use e-liquids with high-strength nicotine, and a handy LED shows you the battery level with color indicators.

3. Leap Vapor

Leap Vapor

Take a leap into the exciting world of vaping with this awesome vaping kit. It comes already filled up with satisfying nicotine salts that will give you the hit you’re after — and windows on the side will let you see how much e-juice is left, so you won’t suddenly run out. Due to the 400mAh battery, you can get a day’s vaping out of this great device, and it comes with a magnetic USB cable that lets you charge it wherever you happen to be.

4. Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air Plus

The Suorin Air Plus has strong and stylish written all over it, and it’s a super vaping starter kit for those who don’t want to worry about running out of e-juice or battery power. That’s because of its large 3.2ml nic salt capacity and powerful 930mAh internal battery that only takes 50 minutes to charge fully. Keep the Air Plus in your pocket and whip it out when you feel like a vape.

5. JUUL Starter Kit

JUUL Starter Kit

This is one blockbuster vaping kit from one of the most popular vapes around, JUUL. It’s sleek and stylish and so discreet hardly anyone will know you’re vaping. It comes with a magnetic charger you simply stand the device in, and it takes an hour to charge it up. You’ll get around 200 puffs from each refill it comes with — and in a 5% nicotine strength that will keep you perfectly satisfied. And you’ll know how much battery power is left by simply tapping twice on the JUUL, which will show either green, yellow, or red.

6. Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

The striking Orion DNA GO is just as snazzy on the inside, with its powerful chipset delivering the fastest firing speed you can get. It’s a vaping starter kit for those who want the best in vape technology, including connected software that lets you monitor and configure your pod mod the way you want it. The device has a rock-solid 950mAh battery that fully charges in just 45 minutes and adjustable airflow pods for ultimate vaping satisfaction.

7. OBS Cube Mini

OBS Cube Mini

Cube Mini’s unique and interesting shape has made this a beloved vaping device among many vapers. It may look small, but with its massive 1500mAh battery and a constant voltage of 3.5V, it packs a powerful vaping punch. You have the choice of two tanks with this superb vaping starter kit: a 2ml regular tank that comes installed and another 3ml glass tank that’s simple and easy to fit into place. It’s the ideal vape for those who already know a bit about vaping and are after a more sophisticated and powerful device.

8. Innokin Endura T18 II

Innokin Endura T18 II

Bold, daring, and inherently stylish pretty much sum up what Innokin’s Endura T18 II is all about. And if you’re switching from cigarettes to vapes and looking for the perfect e-cig, this incredible vape pen with serious battery power is the one for you. The battery clocks in at a hefty 1300mAh and is chargeable via a USB cable that comes with this rad vaping kit, which also features an ample tank capable of holding up to 2.5ml of e-liquid.

9. Riptide Ripstick Kit

Riptide Ripstick Kit

The Ripstick is a cool and slick-looking piece of vape equipment that’s designed to give you the smoothest vaping experience possible, helping you to avoid the harsh throat hit that sometimes happens with vaping. The kit comes with a battery, charging cable, and user manual, and its pre-filled pods have a capacity of 1.4ml and are available in Berry, Mint, Raspberry, Tobacco, and Tropical flavors. The sophisticated technology inside ensures this is one vape you’ll definitely want to try.

10. Smoant Pasito

Smoant Pasito

A small step for vape kits, a giant leap for the vaping community. That’s what Smoant’s Pasito (Spanish for “small step”) not only promises but delivers. You can customize this great-looking vaping device the way you want it, thanks to its different airflows and wattage, and because of its full-on 1100mAh battery, you can go a long way without having to recharge. Plus, the Pasito’s ANT chip will ensure you’ll get delicious and smooth hits even when the battery is running low.

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