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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices 2020

Rev your vaping experience up several gears with this incredible array of nic salt vapes.

Whether you’ve been vaping for a while or you’re just starting out, you’ve probably heard of nicotine salts. They’ve become increasingly popular over recent years, but why? The secret lies in the base.

E-juice is typically made up of a mix of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The ratio of these will vary depending on how you vape; high-PG liquids deliver a strong throat hit and awesome flavor, whereas high-VG liquids offer thick, billowing clouds of vapor on the exhale. Usually added to these are flavorings, giving you that sweet cherry kick or zesty lemon bite you love (or whatever else, depending on the juice you choose).

Then, of course, there’s nicotine. Many vapers opt for nicotine liquids, whether they’re vaping to kick their smoking habit or they’ve been vaping for years and enjoy the rush. Nicotine salt, or nic salts, juices take this one step further.

Vaping high levels of freebase nicotine—the type of nicotine found in non-nic salt e-liquid—might give you the hit you need, but it can be harsh on your throat. Nicotine salts, though, are made from the more concentrated type of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf. With a special ingredient—benzoic acid—nic salts e-juices deliver a smooth hit not unlike what you’d get from a combustible cigarette.

Science lesson aside, with nic salts, you can enjoy a smoother, richer, and more flavorful vape with just the right amount of nicotine for you.

So if you’re looking for the best nicotine salt e-juice, which one should you pick? Here’s our guide to the top 10 nic salt e-juices you should try in 2020.

Product Flavor
Strength(s) Size (ml) Brand Price (05/22/20) Rating Buy
I Love Salts Spearmint Gum Frosty Spearmint 25mg and 50mg 30 Mad Hatter Juice $13.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Atomic Salts Evermint Menthol Classic Menthol 35mg and 50mg 30 Atomic Salts $10.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
SaltNic Dry Tobacco Dry Tobacco 25mg and 50mg 15 SaltNic $15.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Pod Juice Jewel Mint Cool Mint 20mg, 35mg, and 55mg 30 Pod Juice $7.95 5 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Solace Creamy Tobacco Tobacco with a Creamy Finish 30mg and 50mg 30 Solace $13.99 5 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Coastal Clouds Mango Juicy Mango 35mg and 50mg 30 Coastal Clouds $12.99 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Sweet Lemon Curd and Pastry 30mg and 50mg 30 Dinner Lady $17.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Mr. Salt-E Vanilla Custard Vanilla Custard and Caramel 25mg and 45mg 30 Mr. Salt-E $10.90 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Glas Vapor Fizzy Lemonade Lemonade, Lime Soda, Pineapple, and Menthol
30mg and 50mg 30 Glas Vapor $12.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product
Charlie’s Chalk Dust Fuji Apple, Strawberry, and Nectarine
25mg and 50mg 30 Charlie’s Chalk Dust $14.95 4 out of 5 stars Buy The Product

I Love Salts Spearmint Gum 30ml Vape Juice

Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts Spearmint Gum Nic Salts Juice

Flavor profile: Frosty spearmint
Nicotine strengths: 25mg and 50mg 

Chewing gum while vaping? Not the best combination. Fortunately, you can enjoy your favorite spearmint gum in nic salts form! This vape juice from Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts range delivers a frosty spearmint flavor and a cool, refreshing exhale. This fan favorite is just like vaping a piece of spearmint gum, making it the perfect all-day vape.

Thanks to its 50 PG/50 VG mix, you’ll enjoy satisfying vapor production, tons of flavor, and a strong yet smooth nicotine hit unlike anything you’ve experienced from a freebase nicotine blend.

Atomic Salts Evermint Menthol 30ml Nic Salt Juice

Flavor profile: Classic menthol
Nicotine strengths: 35mg and 50mg

When the weather starts getting hotter and you need to cool down, the Evermint Menthol nic salts juice from Atomic Salts will do the trick. A new take on the classic menthol flavor, this e-liquid is crisp, refreshing, and ever-so-slightly sweet. You’ll have more than enough juice in this 30ml bottle to carry you through a long, warm day. Tantalize your taste buds with this smooth, clean juice that achieves the perfect balance between mint and menthol and has a tangy, icy finish to boot.

SaltNic Dry Tobacco 30ml Nic Salt Juice

SaltNic Dry Tobacco

Flavor profile: Dry tobacco
Nicotine strengths: 25mg and 50mg

If you love a classic tobacco taste, then you’ll want to try the Dry Tobacco vape from SaltNic. Newcomers to vaping will enjoy a taste and throat hit extremely similar to smoking a combustible cigarette on both the inhale and exhale, but if you’re a seasoned vaper, there’s plenty to enjoy here too.

This nic salts e-liquid is perfectly paired with your favorite low-wattage device and offers unparalleled smoothness that you’ll want to vape all day, every day.

Pod Juice Jewel Mint 15ml Nic Salt Juice

Pod Juice Jewel Mint

Flavor profile: Cool mint
Nicotine strengths: 20mg, 35mg, and 55mg

If you’ve tried every menthol flavor you can get your hands on but have struggled to find a mint-flavored e-liquid that tickles your taste buds, then your search might have just come to an end. 

Pod Juice’s minty masterpiece is so cool that you’ll have polar bears seeking you out. Delivering a refreshing, frosty flavor on the inhale followed by a sweet mint fusion to finish, it’s designed to give you a super-satisfying hit at a low wattage, so whether you pair this with a refillable pod mod or a no-fuss starter kit, you’ll enjoy tons of flavor with every puff.
Enjoy this cool vape on its own for a menthol-filled extravaganza or pair it with your favourite e-liquid to create your own unique taste sensation.

Solace Creamy Tobacco 30ml Vape Juice

Solace Creamy Tobacco

Flavor profile: Tobacco with a creamy finish
Nicotine strengths: 30mg and 50mg

This nic salts juice from Solace Vapor is an indulgent vaping dream and the perfect choice for fans of slightly sweet tobacco flavors. Creamy Tobacco combines the traditional tobacco taste you love with a luxurious creamy finish on the exhale, all powered by a perfectly crafted nic salt base for a smooth but intense nicotine rush.

If you usually vape a dry tobacco juice like SaltNic’s offering but you’re looking for a sweet upgrade, then this is one juice you’ll want to try.

Coastal Clouds Mango 30ml Nic Salt Juice

Flavor profile: Juicy mango
Nicotine strengths: 35mg and 50mg

Are you mad for mango? This freshly peeled, juicy mango flavor from the Coastal Clouds Saltwater collection will trick your taste buds into believing that they’ve tasted the real thing.

The 50 VG/50 PG ratio delivers plenty of flavor when used with your low-wattage pod mod device, and the addition of nic salts gives you a smooth and satisfying nicotine hit without being harsh on your throat.

If you’re a fan of fruity vapes, jump on the mango-mania train by adding this e-juice to your list of nic salts to try in 2020.

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 30ml Nic Salt Vape Juice

Flavor profile: Sweet lemon curd and pastry
Nicotine strengths: 30mg and 50mg

If you’re a fruit fanatic or a dessert devourer, or you’re simply looking for something sweet to enjoy after dinner, then the Lemon Tart vape juice from Dinner Lady ticks all the boxes.

Recapture the mouthwatering sensation of biting into a freshly baked lemon tart for the first time, with zesty lemon on the inhale and a crumbly, buttery pastry on the exhale.

Don’t believe us? This signature blend has taken the world by storm and has won 22 prestigious awards internationally.

Combined with nicotine salts, this vape becomes even more satisfying. Enjoy Dinner Lady’s most popular juice with your favorite low-wattage device.

Mr. Salt-E Vanilla Custard 30ml Vape Juice

Mr. Salt-E Vanilla Custard

Flavor profile: Vanilla custard, caramel, and graham cracker
Nicotine strengths: 25mg and 45mg

Is there anything better than vanilla custard? How about vanilla custard with sugary caramel and sweet graham crackers? That’s what you get with this Vanilla Custard vape from Mr. Salt-E.

This vape tastes just as good with your morning coffee as it does with a night curled up on the couch after a long day at work. Use this juice with your favorite refillable pod mod and you’ll get a nicotine hit so smooth that you won’t want to put it down.

Glas Vapor Fizzy Lemonade 30ml Nic Salt Juice

Glas Vapor Fizzy Lemonade Nic Salt

Flavor profile: Lemonade, lime soda, pineapple, and menthol
Nicotine strengths: 30mg and 50mg

It’s often the simple pleasures in life that are the most enjoyable, and a cool glass of fizzy lemonade fresh from the refrigerator is one of them.

This Fizzy Lemonade vape from Glas Vapor’s Basix Salts line will refresh you time and time again, all while giving you a powerful nicotine rush that hits the spot.

When you drip this into your favorite pod or MTL device, you’ll enjoy zesty lemonade with citrus lime soda and sweet, juicy pineapple. It’s rounded off with a menthol kick that’ll keep you feeling cool no matter how hot it is outside.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Fuji 30ml Nic Salt Juice

Flavor profile: Apple, strawberry, and nectarine
Nicotine strengths: 25mg and 50mg

If you’re a fan of fresh fruit, we’ve saved the best for last. Bring the tropical flavors of a faraway island to you with this delicious fruity concoction from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Fuji combines sweet apple with juicy strawberry and tangy nectarine to create an explosion of flavor that you’ll want to vape all day.

The addition of nicotine salts gives you a smooth and satisfying hit every time. Like all the e-juices on our list, this vape proves that you don’t have to sacrifice taste bud–tickling flavor for a nicotine hit that doesn’t burn your throat.

If you’re looking for a new e-juice to vape in 2020, why not make it one from this list? Electric Tobacconist stocks a wide range of nicotine salts e-liquids, so whatever flavor profile makes your mouth water, you can find it here. Order today and when shipping with USPS, eligible orders over $30* can receive free shipping.

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