WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Electric Tobacconist Opens Warehouse in California!

That’s right, Electric Tobacconist has opened a new facility in California! Since our launch in 2015, the vaping sector has gone from humble beginnings to a behemoth industry worth around $6 billion annually in North America. Globally, it’s almost $20 billion! Due to this rapidly increasing demand, we decided to open a secondary warehouse in Irvine, California.

Faster Shipping

Here at Electric Tobacconist, we are known for our high levels of customer service and fast delivery all across the United States, with free shipping on eligible orders. Now, with our new warehouse, we aim to deliver our popular products faster than ever to our California customers. From vape kits to disposable e-cigarettes across popular brands like PHIX, BLU, and SaltNic, we provide the products that vapers rely on. Residents from the Golden State can now enjoy even faster shipping, with free USPS delivery on eligible orders over $30!*

Lower Excise Tax

In addition to faster shipping, our California customers will also enjoy lower excise tax, and this will help ET provide better pricing to those customers.

Does this mean that California customers no longer have to pay an excise tax?

No, California customers are still required to pay an excise tax on products that contain e-liquid. However, the way the amount of excise tax is calculated has changed now that we have an in-state presence in California.

What’s the difference between the previous excise tax and the new excise tax?

Previously, the excise tax was equal to 56.93% of a product’s retail price. Now, the excise tax is based on 56.93% of the product’s wholesale cost. Only in rare circumstances will the wholesale cost exceed the retail price, so you should see a lower excise tax on your orders.

How does the new excise tax affect discounted products?

The wholesale cost remains the same regardless of the retail price. In other words, even if you receive a discount on a product, this does not change the wholesale cost of that product, so the excise tax will still be the same with or without a discount applied.

Moving to the Golden State was a “golden opportunity” for the company, as it’s a place where vaping is extremely popular and where leading vape companies are based. As ET grows, we are continually looking at all options to help fuel the rapid growth we have experienced. For ET, California was a natural choice of location, because it allows us to become more efficient and serve our customers better. We look forward to developing our company further from our new base in California and working even closer with our manufacturing suppliers to provide better prices and faster shipping to our loyal customers, who can subscribe to our newsletter to hear about special offers and promotions.

For more information, please contact our Help Desk.

*Faster shipping is subject to product availability. Any products that are out of stock at the California warehouse will ship from Colorado.