WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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In compliance with the PACT Act, products that were issued a Marketing Denial Order (MDO) by the FDA are being taken off the market. If you've been directed to this page, it is because your usual vape product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and will no longer be available for purchase.

In light of the PMTA rulings, we'd like to offer some alternative product suggestions that offer a similar vaping experience to what you're used to. While we can't guarantee that you'll be satisfied with these recommendations, we hope that they provide a helpful reference for your future product purchases.

Missing your brand? Check out these
Menthol and Tobacco Pods
Nic Salts and Refillable Devices
Missing your brand? Check out these
Menthol and Tobacco Pods
Nic Salts and Refillable Devices

Categorical Product Recommendations

In the following section, “flavored” refers to any product that is strictly not tobacco or menthol-flavored.

Flavored Freebase Vape Juice:

Flavored Nicotine Salt Juice:

Flavored Disposables:


  • While most of the products that were impacted by PMTA are e-liquids and disposables, rather than refills, we recommend checking out brands like Vuse and NJOY for a reliable selection of pre-filled cartomizers, pods, and refills.

Kits & Hardware:

  • While most of the recent changes to our inventory involve e-liquids and disposables and not vape kits, we recommend checking out the Vaporesso XROS if you previously enjoyed Caliburn devies, or the Vuse Alto if you enjoy simple, easy-to-use, closed pod-mod systems.

Enthusiast Product Recommendations

Certain brands have garnered a loyal fanbase of enthusiasts that have developed a special appreciation for their respective product ranges. While we, unfortunately, will no longer be able to offer the following products due to the PACT Act, we hope you find that the following recommendations serve as an acceptable substitution for what you previously purchased.

FIN E-Cig Enthusiasts:

Battery: If you're looking for a replacement battery for your FIN device, we recommend this Battery Pack by GreenSmartLiving, which is compatible with FIN cartomizers, in addition to cartomizers from GreenSmartLiving.

Carts: If you're looking for replacement carts or refills for your FIN device, we recommend using any of the following cartridges from GreenSmartLiving, which are all compatible with your FIN battery, in addition to the GreenSmartLiving Battery:

Innevape/Heisenberg Enthusiasts:

Innevape's Heisenberg E-Liquid offers a uniquely iconic flavor experience that is difficult to replicate, but we suggest trying one of the following synthetic nicotine flavors as a replacement:

For Nicotine Salts:

For Freebase Vape Juice:

Mt. Baker Vapor Enthusiasts

While it's difficult to compare Mt. Baker Vapor's expansive and unique product range, we suggest the following substitutions for MBV's top-selling flavors. Please note, Naked 100's nic salt juices contain a different PG/VG ratio from Mt. Baker Vapor's freebase vape juices.

Mount Baker Vapor Extreme Ice Vape Juice:

Mount Baker Vapor US Blend Tobacco Vape Juice:

  • Naked 100 American Patriot Nic Salt Juice or Naked 100 Euro Gold Nic Salt Juice (coming soon)

Dinner Lady Enthusiasts:

We have reason to believe that Dinner Lady will be transitioning their product range to synthetic nicotine in the near future. Because we don't have an estimate of when this transition will occur, we recommend the following as a short-term solution to keeping your Dinner Lady cravings in check:

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