120ml E-Juice

Looking for bulk size e-liquid? Our range of 120ml+ e-juice goes up to 180ml, so shop away with our wide and varied range below!

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120ml E-Liquid

If you discover a favorite flavor when vaping, it makes sense to buy in bulk and with 120ml e-liquid bottles, you can invest in a large supply of your favorite. Larger sized bottles allow you to enjoy your favorite flavor over a longer period and you also benefit from a saving over time. The brands offering 120ml e-liquid include many recognizable companies and the same quality e-juice is provided in the larger bottles as you’d get in the smaller versions.

E-juice has been developed so vapers can enjoy a full spectrum of flavors when using e-cigs. Each 120ml E-Liquid includes nicotine, unique flavorings, vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The higher the VG content of a liquid, the thicker and smoother the consistency, giving rise to a whole new area of vaping, with sub-ohm and high VG vaping using kit designed especially for these thicker e-liquids. 120ml e-liquids are usually sold in bottles and you can extract the amount you need per vape or per day with ease.

120ml E-Juice Flavors

A wide range of e-juice producers sell their top flavors in 120ml e-liquid bottles, so if you have a favourite all day vape from one of these producers, it’s worth investing in a bigger bottle. Some of the 120ml e-liquids currently on sale at The Electric Tobacconist include:

Mad Hatter

Popular Mad Hatter flavors can be enjoyed in super-size e-liquid bottles. Many of the top flavors are there including Cream Pop with its fresh fizzy orange and vanilla flavor and Juice Box which brings the full flavor and complexity of fresh apple juice to your e-cig. Mat Hatter e-liquids are sold in larger than 120ml sizes so you get even more out of your favorite vape.

Pure Evil

The imaginative and creative flavors in the Pure Evil range can be enjoyed in the larger 120ml e-juice bottles. Flavors including the seven deadly berries of Sloth and the mouth-watering raspberry and coconut mix in Wrath, can be enjoyed in this 120ml size.

One Hit Wonder

The rich creaminess and intense flavor of One Hit Wonder e-juices can be enjoyed in a much larger bottle size. E-juices such as the hugely popular Milk Man with its authentic strawberries and cream flavor and Rocket Man which cleverly brings to life the taste of blueberry parfait.

120ml E-Liquid at The Electric Tobacconist


At The Electric Tobacconist we stock a huge range of 120ml e-juices, so you can stock up on your favorite flavors in a larger-than-average size. We offer a range of different e-juice flavors and are always updating our range, and remember you can get free US shipping on all orders over $15.