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Blueberry E-Juice

The fresh pop of a ripe blueberry and candy blueberry e-juice flavors are among the most popular we sell. The distinct nature of the flavor makes it a popular choice for vapers and e-juice brands alike and there are a huge range of pure fruit blueberry e-juice options as well as those which throw the blueberry flavor into cocktail-like blend.

Blueberry is a flavor which compliments many others which makes blueberry e-juice a stand out favorite flavor for mixing into blends and pairing with other e-juices. There are blueberry e-juice flavors in sub ohm formulas as well as standard high PG options too. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or a seasoned expert there is a blueberry e-juice out there for you.

Find your next Blueberry E-Liquid

At The Electric Tobacconist our blueberry e-liquid range is diverse, with many of our brands offering at least one blueberry flavored option. Buck Naked Vape keep it simple with the classic Blueberry e-juice whereas Taffy Man stick to their roots with their taffy and blueberry flavored TR4 BLU. Milkshake Man also offer up a satisfyingly sweet and creamy Blueberry Milkshake flavor, ensuring the ripe burst of fruit is mellowed by the creaminess.

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