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Milkshake E-Liquid

About Milkshake E-Liquid:
One of the joys of vaping and the wide range of flavors is that we can all enjoy an incredible array of flavors. If you happen to prefer sweet as opposed to savory then check out this creamy and delicious range. There is now a real breadth to the range that caters for every type of vaping enthusiast.
What Are You Looking For? 

Our milkshake e-liquid range takes some exploring, so allow us to take you through it. Some have unusual names and quirky-sounding flavor profiles, but our range will give you access to sweet and classic flavors that have complexity and balance without being too sweet. If this is your first foray into this category then start with your base flavor or fruit and then add from there - you will find some great combinations. 
Why Our Customers Love Milkshake E-Liquid:

Picture yourself in a 1950s American Diner, sipping on a classic chocolate shake. Popular vaping flavors tend to start old favorites, so think vanilla, strawberry and banana. Our milkshake range has plenty to choose from, and most come with a high VG content allowing for a smooth, creamy vape that produces good volume of vapor. Outside of the basic milkshake e-liquid flavors you need to start exploring, check out the Moo range, with their Vanilla Almond Milk and its well balanced sweet and nutty flavor.
Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood takes you to a more 'strawberries and cream' flavor, and hit the market with some real hype. One Hit Wonder's Milk Man also has its own take on strawberries and cream among their range of dessert-focussed liquid flavors. The rest of our milkshake e-liquid range is populated, as you'd expect, with some great fruit vaping flavors but make sure you check out some of the more tropical flavors here: think Papaya and beyond for some cool and complex flavors. 
Milkshake E-Liquids at Electric Tobacconist:

As with our entire range, you can shop our milkshake range is available with free domestic shipping on orders over $15, and Paypal is accepted. Looking to explore other great vaping flavors? Check out our Kilo range.