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NJOY E-Liquid & Artist Collection

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NJOY E-Liquid & Artist Collection

NJOY E-Liquid Range:

NJOY e-liquids are widely varied in flavor and developed in the US by the NJOY e-juice flavor experts. They comprise two different styles. The regular 10ml range featured below and the newer Artist Collection. 

NJOY E-Liquid Flavor Development

The relatively new NJOY e-juice range came about as a result of stringent research and development. A team of scientists and flavor experts from the food and beverage industry was assembled with instructions to use consumer feedback and many different tested ingredients to come up with the best possible range of adult-targeted juices in a 50/50 PG VG ratio. 

Interestingly, the NJOY liquids range represents an about turn in policy regarding flavors. In 2010 NJOY had a range of flavored options to go with their e-cigarette range, but chose to drop them and concentrate instead on more tobacco-related flavors.

NJOY Regular E-Liquid Range:

The 10ml range is made up up simpler, single flavors. The idea behind this range is that there is a flavor for every craving and any part of your day:

  • Classic Tobacco and Menthol - for those who just want to vape familiar flavors that taste like those traditionally found in cigarettes.
  • Double Espresso - for that early morning pick-me-up (although it contains no caffeine, it's certainly a flavor many enjoy tasting around breakfast time
  • Black & Blueberry and Blood orange - for a more refreshing vape - these can be enjoyed at any time.
  • Vanilla Bean and Butter Crunch - Classic dessert e-liquids for a post-meal vape.
  • Single Malt Whisky - For last thing at night, when the day is done and you just need to kick back and relax. 

NJOY Artist Collection:

In 2014 NJOY released the Artist Collection, which is a range of e juices created by known flavor experts from around the world. The AC comes in 30ml glass bottles with complex flavors and has been very well received by connoisseurs of the industry.

Artist Collection Flavor Artists:

NJOY has teamed up with 'guest mixers' from around the world to create these five stunning blends. Below is a list of who has created which flavors:

Samba Sun, created by Jeremy from Good Life Vapor 

Paramour, created by Daniel of Flavorz

Hedon's Bite, created by George from Mr Good Vape 

Dragonscape, created by Randy from P.O.E.T

Sacré Coeur, created by Anna Claire from Vaponaute