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About Tobacco e-liquid

The world of vaping now has an incredible array of favors but the Tobacco e-liquid is where it started, especially for those that have moved to vaping from cigarettes. This sector will always gain so much press and have so many varied favors, you only have to see the range of reviews and opinions on tobacco e-liquid alone to gauge their popularity. 

Our tobacco e-liquid doesn't just come from one brand - we stock all the best-known  e-juice brands in the US, such as Mt Baker Vapor, Johnson Creek and V2, all of whom have a variation on the tobacco e-liquid theme. 

Choose your preferred nicotine level to suit your vaping needs. If you've recently made the switch from smoking to vaping you may want a higher level of nicotine to satisfy your cravings. 

Our tobacco e-liquid range is available in smaller 10ml bottles all the way up to 30ml glass bottles, with flavors varying from traditional, smoky tobaccos to infused flavors the blend with the likes of caramel and vanilla.

What are you looking for? 
The huge variety caters for everyone so this question is important. What are you looking for from your tobacco e-liquid. Is it that original burning tobacco sensation that reminds of your pre-vaping days? Are you looking for the traditional American Red Tobacco flavor but now in liquid form? If so, you may like Red Tobacco by V2. Or perhaps you'd like something with new flavors and only a hint of tobacco? In which case, take a look at JC Original by Johnson Creek.

What people love about Tobacco e-liquid

There's a lot to explore and it does start with that personal history and preference of tobacco. Then there are the different types. Vaping allows you to explore international flavors of tobacco and even the flavors found in chewing tobacco and pipe tobacco. The range of flavors is now so diverse that you can start at the original flavor adding more or less of what you like. Smooth caramel flavor is very popular and underpins a lot of the tobacco e-liquids in our range today; many choosing to add the dark chocolate and cherry flavors. Depending on your preference for that original harshness of classic tobacco you can add elements of spice to create that slight burn. Softer tones come from vanilla and fruity undertones that give a real sweetness, like the original Cavendish tobacco. Nutty and complex flavors can be found is some tobacco e-liquids. Listen to an avid vapor and you will hear them talk about honey, maple, coffee, chocolates and other and terms that make you want try all of them immediately. 

Tobacco e-liquid at The Electric Tobacconist®

Our aim is to give you all of these eclectic flavors in our range and we hope you enjoy them. The Electric Tobacconist® sources only the best tobacco e-liquids available in the US. Check out the range and then use either Paypal or credit card to buy - we offer free shipping on orders over $15.

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