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I want to try an e-cig that uses e-juice

The natural transition of many a smoker, is that they try an e-cig that most closely resembles a cigarette first. Once they have got used to this, they look for a longer battery life with more flavor options and care less about it looking and feeling like a combustible cig.

Our range of these is called the "E-liquid Starter Kits" range (click the link to be taken to it) and it offers every different type of juice-taking kit you can think of.

There are many advantages to an e-liquid kit:

● Thousands of e-juice options. Our range of e-liquid is huge and is growing by the day. Unlike with cartomizer refills, the flavor options with e-liquid are almost never-ending.

● You'll spend a lot less time charging and more time vaping! Cigalike electronic cigarettes (the ones that resemble cigarettes) tend to have battery sizes of around 200mAh. Bigger battery e-cigs such as these that take e-liquid start at around 650mAh and go up to and beyond 2000mAh, meaning they can last literally days between charging.

● E-liquid offers more vapor and it delivers better flavor.

● E-liquid is cheaper to vape than cartomizers by quite a distance.