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Mistic E Cig Range

The Mistic e cig range is made with the former smoker in mind. Flavors such as tobacco and menthol are as authentic as they come.

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    Mistic E Cig Range

    About Mistic E Cigs

    Mistic electronic cigarettes are a unique and original alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. They stand out in the market for their disposable range in additional to their fully rechargeable e cigs. They give vape fans a choice of expendable or permanent vaping options and they have a clever and eye-catching brand design which mimics the look of traditional cigarettes. Each Mistic e cig features a long lasting rechargeable battery with a rugged stainless steel finish, a choice of cartridges to suit your preferred vape flavor. Each Mistic cartridge contains the e juice as well as a built-in atomizer and the design of the e cig features a glowing red LED tip when you draw on it. It has the feel and look of a traditional cigarette but offers a longer lifespan and a better quality experience.

    About Mistic

    Mistic E-Cigs is an independent vapor product manufacturer based in the US. They have a strong reputation for their presence in standard retail stores up and down the country. They are a subsidiary company of Ballantyne Brands and they are sold in over 68,000 retail outlets and wholesalers around the US. The HAUS™ range of vapor liquids is an additional development from Mistic and allows fans to enjoy even more flavors.

    Mistic E Cig Cartridge Options

    The Mistic E Cig can be vaped in a choice of two different standard cartridges. They can be enjoyed in a traditional or menthol blend and there is a choice of different nicotine volumes from 0% up to 2.4%. 1.8% nicotine by volume equates to a regular cigarette whilst 1.2% is around the same level as lights.

    Mistic has also launched a Haus Personal Vaporizer to diversify the flavors they offer. Standard Mistic cartridges last approximately 300 draws, which is around the same as two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This will vary dependent on a person’s average inhalation.

    What do the Fans Think?

    Mistic describe themselves as the ‘Best Taste, Best Value, Best Ecig Choice’ and many of their customers agree. Fans particularly highlight the authentic flavor of their chosen Mistic E Cig, describing it as just like a real cigarette. They are also popular due to the level of vapor each draw offers and the intensity in the higher percentage nicotine by volume ecigs.

    Is a Mistic E Cig the Right Choice for You?

    Offering the perfect balance of a high quality vape experience and good value, the Mistic E Cig is a great choice for vape fans of many different experience levels. The standard e cig is available in more classic flavors of e liquid only so it is a top choice if you like classic flavors. If you prefer something a little more fruity or alternative, then investing in the HAUS™ Personal Vaporizer by Mistic is recommended.

    Mistic Vape at The Electric Tobacconist®

    Offering a classic vape experience which has all the authenticity of traditional cigarettes, Mistic is a popular choice. You can explore the Mistic products currently available at The Electric Tobacconist® and remember that we offer FREE US shipping on all orders over $15.  

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