Comes with one free Tobacco flavor pod

My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit

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  • My. Von Erl is a small portable personal vaporizer e-cigarette
  • 350mAh battery
  • Charger included
  • Comes with one free Tabak flavor (Tobacco) 18mg/ml 'liquidpod' refill
  • 'No fuss', push-fit refill system

About My. Von Erl:

If you're a fan of easy-to-use, small e-cigarette devices (like the popular JUUL Vaporizer, for example) then the My. Von Erl represents a very viable option. Sleek and understated in design, this 'no fuss' device will sit comfortably in your hand and allow you to discreetly vape a variety of different flavors.

Featuring a quality anodised aluminum body with a textured matte finish, this device is lightweight yet robust. Its push-fit refill system means there's no mess and no fuss when it comes to refilling your e-cigarette; simply discard the used 'Liquidpod' and replace it with a fresh one. 

  • Product dimensions: approx. 10.3cm x 1.7cm.

As with all the pod mod devices in our range, the small form-factor means it's ideal for any pocket or bag - and there's no worry about it accidentally firing due to it's no-button, draw-activated design.

Battery Life of the My. Von Erl:

Small device means small battery, but don't let that put you off. The 350mAh battery contained in the My. Von Erl kit should see you through around four hours of regular vaping. You can expect it to last even longer when you have to limit your vaping time due to work or other commitments - we estimate that a full charge should see you through at least one 8-hour working day.

Set Up and Charging your My. Von Erl:

The My. Von Erl vape pen is very easy to set up and use. Simply connect the supplied Micro-USB cable to the battery and plug into a laptop, PC or USB wall adapter. You'll know when the battery is fully charged when the light on the unit turns to green. There are 3 color indicators that determine the level of charge remaining:

  • Green - fully charged
  • White - around 50% charge left
  • Red - it's about to run out (approx. 5 mins vaping time remaining)

Once charged, simply connect a My. Von Erl 'Liquidpod' and inhale - there are no buttons to press and no settings to fiddle with.

About My. Von Erl Liquidpod Refills:

There are six My. Von Erl Liquidpod flavors available varying from classics such as tobacco to the more unique, yet just as good flavors like Eucalyptus Lemon and Ginseng Ginger. Each Liquidpod contains a 1.5ohm Kanthal coil and Japanese cotton. Once the e-liquid within has depleted, simply discard and swap with a new one!

According to Von Erl, each Liquidpod will last approximately 300 puffs which roughly translates to 30 traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the My. Von Erl Liquidpod when the e-liquid within has ran out.

Included in the My. Von Erl Vaporizer Kit:

1 x My. VON ERL. Vaporizer E-Cigarette (with a 350mAh battery)

1 x  VON ERL. Classic Liquidpod (Tabak flavour 18mg/ml)

1 x USB battery charger

1 x Manual

Strictly over 18s (or legal smoking age in your State). More info

Please note: We do not ship outside of the United States of America and we cannot ship to Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Utah due to state law.

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Does this kit come with everything I need to start me off?

Yes. The kit contains everything you need to start vaping once you have charged your starter kit (including a USB charger). 

The kit comes with pods/refills included. Please check the "What's Included" tab for exact details. 

Does this starter kit come with everything I need to start me off?

Yes. The kit contains everything you need to start vaping once you have charged your starter kit (including a USB charger). 

Will this product work with any other type of kit?

The My Von Erl Vaporizer is only compatible with My Von Erl pods.   

Can I use My Von Erl refills for any other kit?

My Von Erl Liquidpods are only compatible with the My Von Erl Vaporizer


What is the warranty period on this product?

This product comes with a 60 day warranty from the date of order. However, this does not cover misuse, damage or standard wear and tear.

If you need to ask any questions or claim your warranty, please click here for our Customer Support contact form and be sure to include your order number. 

Please note, with some starter kits we will look to replace parts rather than the entire kit if a fault can be remotely diagnosed.

Product Reviews

This vaporizer kit is a great value for what it is.

20th August 2017 - Geraldine MacLellan

I have received one Vaporizer (out of the four I own) that does not seem to "make secure contact" with pods and so the pods either do not draw at all or very poorly. Why do some of the pods, in their plastic wrapping, seem to have "leaked?"

17th August 2017 - Dennis Crowley

This product was extremely easy to use and maintain.

4th August 2017 - Robert Tucker

Only lasted for one week, twelve charges and dead! Usually batteries have 70+ charges. No signs it was was dying it just died. When it worked it was really great. But without a replaceable battery it's price tag and the $9 for two pods (about three mls total) should be a LOT less! I like the von erl but not cost efficient, and such a short battery life.

17th July 2017 - M Thompson

The products are definitely superior and well worth recommending to any trying to get a real handle on their smoking.

11th July 2017 - Robert Tucker

It has very design shape

7th July 2017 - Ihab Fam

Contacts in the vaporizer do not come in contact with contacts on liquipod unless the liquipod contacts are bent. Looks like a manufacturing/quality issue. I am returning the vaporizer.

11th June 2017 - Robert Gehres

Got Vaporizer Kit and the battery conked out on me after a month of use. I bought another one since this Vaporizer is the closest to smoking a regular cigarette which I'm trying to quit. So far so good with the one I have and I got another one. Crossing my fingers that the batteries last. June 1, 2017

1st June 2017 - Anonymous

Outstanding flavor options, amazingly reasonably priced, great quality. I prefer Von Erl to the 10 JUUL vape pens I've bought. Far and away better quality at half the price. Way better charging capabilities and many more flavor options that are also twice the volume for more than 50% less cost.

26th May 2017 - Andrew Larimore

Great product - good vapor and flavors!

11th May 2017 - Anonymous

Love the vaporizer, however, I've bought 3 and none of them work anymore. The third one didn't work out of the box.

2nd April 2017 - Paula Dickson

It's my second time buying this kit - I wanted one to carry with me and another to stay in my room. I've done my research on these kits; this is the best one price-wise. Also, its easy to carry so I bring it all the time to share with people. It makes the perfect ice breaker (: Get it, I love it.

30th March 2017 - Patricia Trinidad

As a JUUL 'lover' but wanting lower nicotine levels I tried the similar Von Erl. I was disappointed in some of the important features, Drawing was inconsistent and difficult and tasting the liquid was frequent, and I stopped using it. I would go back to try after recharging with no different results. Basically, a frustrating and disappointing experience, The flavor was excellent when it was available,

30th March 2017 - Anonymous

The pods leaked and one out of the four pods did not work with my battery but worked with my friends. Otherwise it is my love and 9/10

24th March 2017 - Anonymous

The thing I am noticing about the Von Erl pods is that they taste like the rubber covers that are on the tip when you open it. I have been trying different flavors and the same result happens, I wish they could find a new way to cover the pods without the strong smelling rubber covers.

13th March 2017 - Nancy Timmons Melley

very easy to use and charges quickly. I love the ease of changing the pods too!

3rd March 2017 - Anonymous

I quit smoking with this. though it took me a little bit to get used to. I now am really happy to have started using it my favorite flavor is the vanilla tabak. I've been cigarette free for over 4 months now.

28th February 2017 - Beth


25th February 2017 - James B Flowers

Great product that works good and buy one you wont be sorry its great!

16th February 2017 - Robert C Shelton

Best one I've tried! Great taste & I love the pods!

20th January 2017 - Alaina Marseglia

Outshines the JULL in so many ways.
1. Cost less to use pre filled pods.
2. More than double the liquid within.
3. Much easier to refill and can often.
4. More vape.
5. Charger is a simple USB. The JUUL always begins to fail after use. Have to wiggle and jiggle to get it to connect. Meh!

7th January 2017 - Frank B

I have been using the Juul for about a year now. While I really enjoyed the flavor and strength of their tobacco juice. the battery portion of the device left a lot to be desired. They're always breaking or getting gummed up and you have to take them apart to clean them. So when I read about the My. Von Earl. I was excited to give it a try. Here's my thoughts. The Von Earl does create a bigger vape cloud. but that's not so important to me. The juice container is bigger than Juul and holds more juice. but because of the bigger clouds. it uses the juice up a lot faster. The pod barely lasts a day. It also has avery crappy connection to the device. so the hits are hit or miss and I found myself having to constantly adjust the pod to make the connection work well. I also felt I had to prime it with a few drags every time I wanted to take a full drag. This was not only annoying. but made the juice leak out into my mouth constantly. Lastly. the flavor of their tobacco (the call it Tabak) wasn't anywhere near as good as Juul's Virginia Tobacco. It was smelly and had a very "pipe tobacco" taste. It also hurt my lungs when I'd take a drag. In the end. I went back to my Juul. I give this product a big fat thumbs down.

19th December 2016 - Marcel

would recommend this to all newbies

5th November 2016 - Vapor One

I tried a cigarette look alike ecig a couple of years ago but it was just not strong/flavorful enough. The My.Von.Erl is really good. Definitely helping me quit cigarettes. A very well made quality product that works well. Highly recommended.

4th November 2016 - Rich

The product came scratched and the e liquid pod came leaking fluid within the package. Buyer beware

3rd October 2016 - Rob

Praise for Electric Tobacconist