WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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PACT Act & Shipping FAQ

Can someone else sign for my package?

Yes. Any adult who is 21 years of age or older and has a valid government ID can sign for your package at the delivery address.

How many delivery attempts does the carrier make?

The carrier will make two delivery attempts. In most cases, the carrier will attempt to contact you to ensure that you are home at the time of delivery. However, due to regional variations in the carrier service, this is not always possible. 

What happens if I miss both attempted deliveries? 

If both delivery attempts are missed, then the package will be returned to the sender because the carrier could not collect an adult signature and proof of ID upon delivery. Electric Tobacconist will re-ship a replacement order only after the original package has been returned to us and processed. Electric Tobacconist also reserves the right to charge a $15 restocking fee. At our discretion, this can be deducted from the refund or applied as store credit. Note: The restocking fee is only charged because Electric Tobacconist is charged a return shipping fee by the carrier.

Can I pick up my package from the local carrier?

If your carrier is X Delivery, then you cannot pick up your package. Customers who want to have their package delivered to their local Post Office must choose Priority (if available) or Priority Express shipping. Make sure to add "General Delivery" to the second address line of the Post Office's shipping address.

Can I have my package sent to work? 

Yes. You can send your package to your workplace as long as an adult who is 21 years of age or older and has a valid government ID can sign for it at the delivery address.

Why can't you ship to me? 

As you may know, the vaping industry has recently been added to the PACT Act. As a result of this legislation, all orders now require an adult signature upon delivery. Additionally, USPS, FedEx, and UPS have decided to no longer ship vape products or intend to discontinue the shipment of vape products in the near future. Because of this, we have partnered with a new shipping carrier that works with numerous regional carriers. At this stage, we don't have full coverage of the United States, but we are working to extend the footprint at all times. 

We suggest that you add your details to our ZIP code checker. If we cannot ship to you, then we will email you when our carrier begins delivering to your ZIP code.

Please note that once USPS discontinues the shipment of vaping products, your shipping eligibility may change.

Who is ET's new carrier replacement?

Electric Tobacconist is working with an independent courier called X Delivery.

Why is my order in Salt Lake City or moving in the wrong direction?

Electric Tobacconist is using a new carrier. Therefore, you will see that your order has initially been routed to Salt Lake City, Utah. Please don’t be concerned if your order is not immediately moving in the right direction. This is the primary sorting facility, and the tracking will update soon.

How long will it take to ship my package through the new carrier (X Delivery)?

X Delivery will take anywhere from 5–10 business days to ship your package.

Can I specify a certain time and date for my delivery?

We do not currently have the ability to guarantee a delivery date or time; however, some of the local carriers will contact you to arrange a delivery time. 

Do shipping thresholds include sales and excise taxes?

No, all shipping thresholds exclude sales and excise taxes. Your order total must meet the threshold before taxes have been added.

Which shipping companies have been banned from shipping vape products?

Due to the PACT Act, USPS will discontinue the shipment of vaping products in the near future.

FedEx and UPS no longer ship vape products, but this is a policy decision made by these carriers.

How do I use in-store credit?

To use this credit, simply check out as if you were paying by card, and you will be presented with the option to use your "e-wallet" balance. You must be logged in to your Electric Tobacconist account to use any credit. You can click here if you need further instructions on how to use our store credit (e-wallet) system.

How is Electric Tobacconist resolving shipping issues?

We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service, and we are constantly trying to improve. We are working with X Delivery to keep improving the service that you receive. 

In the event you have any questions about our service or need assistance, please feel free to contact us via our Help Desk.