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Pod Systems

Think the JUUL is the only device of its kind? Think again. We've sourced the best pod systems currently available on the U.S. market. Shop our range of pod mod kits below, and look out for the new challengers to the 'best in class' title, like the UWELL Crown Pod System.

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About Pod Mods

There are constantly new products entering the e-cigarette market, some of them stick and some of them don’t, and pod mod vaporizers are one new hardware type which have become very popular. Convenient, efficient and easy to use, pod mods are becoming more popular with people looking to move from cigalike e-cigs to something that gives them more choice when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths.

What’s so different about Pod Systems? 

Pod mods (also known as pod systems) strike a much-needed balance between e-juice-based vape kits and all-in-one cig-a-likes. They are designed to be super simple to use and an even more effective gateway to vaping device because they’re fuss-free and there’s no reason why any smoker couldn’t make the switch. Most pod mods look very like vape pen and cig-a-like devices although they are a bit larger and they take unique pod-style refills, many of which can be filled with the vape juice of your choice or provide more diversity in the flavors available.

Pod mods tend to have more powerful batteries than cig-a-like devices but the real difference comes in the atomizer. Rather than cartomizers which can run out quickly and are limited in the power they can handle; pod systems include everything you need within the removable refill. Each pod incorporates the liquid (or space for the liquid), the wick and coil in a disposable tank. The pods act just like mini clearomizers and are simple to slide in and out of the devices available.

Pod mods typically use either pre-filled pods or refillable pods. Refillable pod systems give the best vaping experience when using nicotine salts, which allow for high nicotine strengths without the harshness of traditional vape juice. Nicotine salt juices are incredibly smooth, flavorful, and deliver a satisfying rush of nicotine. 

We also stock a wide range of vape pods for your pod mod.

Our Pod Mod Range at The Electric Tobacconist

There are a range of pod mod options currently available at The Electric Tobacconist and we’re always looking for new products to add to our range. Some of the pod mod vaporizers in our range include:

·      Uwell Caliburn


The UWELL Caliburn is one of the most popular pod mod systems on the market because of its simple design and ultimate reliability.

·      Suorin Air

A sleek, refined pod mod kit, the Suorin Air combines portability, style and power. The Suorin Air features a refillable pod system, which allows you to choose exactly which vape juice you want to use, and doesn't require you to change any settings, replace any coils or even press a fire button! Simply draw on the device to use it. The Air is a hugely popular device and it's easy to see why. 

·       JUUL Starter Kit

Minimalist and stylish, the JUUL Starter Kit is another accessible and easy-to-use pod mod which takes its own branded JUULpod refills. There are five flavors available including mint, tobacco and crème brulee.

·       Suorin Drop

One of the smallest and stealthiest pod mods going, the Suorin Drop delivers incredible flavor and performance despite its minimal design and tiny dimensions.

·       Lostvape Orion DNA Go

The Orion is a high-end pod mod that features Lost Vape's signature DNA chipset, offering the power of a box mod with the convenience of a pod system. The Orion takes two different pods; one for nicotine salt and one for traditional vape juice so users can get the most out of its ultra-fast firing.

Buy Pod Mods at The Electric Tobacconist

Our range of pod mod vaporizers gives you a range to choose from and it means you can make the move to a new and popular kind of vape kit. First timers will not be disappointed if they choose a pod mod to begin their vaping journey and there is a great range available at the Electric Tobacconist vape shop, with FREE shipping on all orders over $20.