WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are bottom-feed devices that allow you to squeeze juice upwards into an atomizer using a squonk bottle. These devices are designed for more experienced vapers looking to experience a "drip" style hit without having to constantly add juice to their device. Shop our range of squonk mods here:

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Squonk mods, also known as squonkers, are a popular type of mod that gives you all the benefits of dripping without actually having to drip! Dripping became popular thanks to the incredible flavor it delivers, but not everyone wants to carry their juice everywhere or have to drip juice onto their atomizer every time they want to vape. 

That’s where squonk mods come in. Rather than dripping your e-liquid onto your coils, squonk mods contain a refillable bottle of vape juice that you squeeze to soak your wick with liquid. Squonk mods are bottom-feed devices, meaning the juice is pushed upwards into the atomizer, which has a “squonk pin” at the base to allow liquid to flow into it. 

Squonk mods make dripping as easy and convenient as using a regular mod setup; all you need to do is squeeze your squonk bottle occasionally to make sure the wick is saturated with vape juice. Refilling a squonk bottle is normally as simple as removing it from the mod, squeezing your juice of choice into it and replacing it. Unlike regular dripping, this means you shouldn’t need to carry any extra juice with you when you’re out and about!


Wondering if a squonk mod is right for you? Squonk mods, just like most box mods, are intended for more advanced vapers, and require a similar level of knowledge of battery safety and Ohm’s Law. Many squonk kits come with a rebuildable dripping atomizer, so are often ideal for people who are looking to build their own coils, but we also offer kits with pre-built and pre-wicked coils such as the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit.

Squonk mods combine absolute convenience with incredible flavor, so if you’re looking for an advanced kit that’ll help you get the most out of your vape juice, a squonker could be perfect for you. 


You can explore our full range of squonk mods at The Electric Tobacconist® vape shop. Remember you can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $20, and we accept all major credit cards and PayPal.