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Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out, we have all the e-cigarettes you'll ever need. Shop our range of vape starter kits today. We have everything from pens to pod mods to full kits including the liquid!

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JUUL Device Kit with USB charging dock
JUUL Battery & charger kit
Rock Kit
BoulderRock Kit
Vape Pen Kit | E-Liquid Included
Leap VaporDevice
Device only | Pods sold separately
Was $19.99 | save $10.00From$9.99
VUSE VIBE Power Unit
Battery + Charger
VUSE Solo Power Unit
VUSESolo Power Unit
Battery + Charger
Novo 3
SMOKNovo 3
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
Device Kit
BLUDevice Kit
Device and Charger Only
ACE Device
Vaping device | Charger included
Aspen Slim
BoulderAspen Slim
Vape Pen Kit | 720mAh
Device & Charger Only
Charger included
Kit & 5 Refills for $53.99
Power Kit
LogicPower Kit
Menthol E-cigarette Kit
Kit & 5 Refills for $53.99
Power Kit
LogicPower Kit
Tobacco E-cigarette Kit
Air Pro
SuorinAir Pro
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
Rock (Pen Only)
Endura T18
InnokinEndura T18
Vape Pen Kit | 1000mAh
Regular Tobacco E-Cig Starter Kit
GreenSmartLivingRegular Tobacco E-Cig Starter Kit
Included 2 x regular tobacco refills 18mg
Starter Kit Virginia Tobacco Bundle
JUULStarter Kit Virginia Tobacco Bundle
JUUL & 5 Pod Packs | Tobacco
Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit
GreenSmartLivingMenthol E-Cig Starter Kit
Includes 2 x menthol refills 18mg
Starter Kit Menthol Bundle
JUULStarter Kit Menthol Bundle
JUUL & 5 Pod Packs | Menthol
Vaporesso Xros 3 mini group
VaporessoXROS 3 Mini
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoZERO S
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoXROS 3
Refillable Pod Mod Kit

About Vape Kits

The first thing you need when making the switch to vaping is a vape kit. At the Electric Tobacconist, we stock a wide range of vape starter kits from the top vaping brands so you can be sure you’ll find something for you! When you first look into switching to a vape kit, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for (particularly with so many different options available), so read on to find out more about the different types of e-cigarette starter kit and how to decide which one to go for.

Types of Vape Kit

In the US, stringent regulations have curbed vaping hardware innovation, leading to a market lag. Meanwhile, Europe has leapt forward, exemplified by the launch of cutting-edge devices like the Vaporesso Xros Pro, the Vaporesso Xros 4 Mini and Geekvape's Sonder Q. These products showcase Europe’s thriving vaping scene, where fewer restrictions foster a hotbed of technological advancements and consumer-centric designs. However, there does remain a narrower but strong selection of kits available Stateside. The main types of vape kit are:

A SMOK Nord 2, Vaporesso XROS Mini and Boulder Rock device floating in front of a blue background

Cigalike Vape Kit

Cigalikes (or cigarette-style) vape kits are designed to resemble a traditional cigarette as closely as possible. Cigalikes are very straightforward to use and generally use pre-filled cartridges called cartomizers. These cigarette-style kits normally come in two parts: the above-mentioned cartomizer and a battery. Screw the battery to the cartomizer and you’re ready to vape! A good example of a cigalike would be the Logic Power kit


Vape Pen Kits

The term ‘vape pen’ generally refers to a refillable e-cigarette starter kit made up of a vape tank and a battery, usually in a long thin shape, like a pen! Vape Pens with replaceable coils will need a new coil every 1-3 weeks, depending on usage.”. Vape pens, like the best selling VUSE Alto or the Logic Pro Vape tend to be better value for money than cigalikes, as buying vape juice and coils often works out as cheaper than buying cartomizers. 

Refillable Vape Kits

Refillable Vapes, also known as pod systems, offer an easy and straightforward vaping experience. These devices use replaceable pods that house either a built-in or removable coil. Unlike traditional vape pens, which can be a bit fiddly, pod vapes simplify things by using a secure magnetic connection between the pod and battery, eliminating the need for a screw-on tank.

A Vaporesso XROS 2, XROS 3 Nano and VUSE Solo, floating in front of a light background

Why Shop Vape Kits from The Electric Tobacconist?

The Electric Tobacconist was founded in 2015 and has shipped over two million orders to thousands of zip codes across the United States in that time.
Our impressive 98% recommendation rating from over 35,000 reviews on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction.
We stock the largest range of e-cigarette brands for sale online anywhere in the U.S., so why check out our entire range? By the way, if you're based in the UK or are a US customer travelling over there, you can shop vape kits such as the Oxva Xlim Pro or the Elfa Pro Kit at Electric Tobacconist UK.

Featured Reviews of Vape Kits from ET Customers

Logic Pro Vape Kit

"I have tried several e-cigs and this is by far the best I totally enjoy shopping with the electric Tobacconist I received my products very quickly ordering is so easy truly recommend them."

JoAnn F

JUUL Vape Kit

"Decent battery life. I bought two so I could always have one charging while I used the other.This is such an easy system.Just charge, click in the pod and go.No mess. Easy and reliable."

Helen M

blu Vape Kit

"It's excellent. Helped me stop smoking cigarettes "

Joseph S

VUSE Alto Kit

"I've tried about half a dozen pod devices, and the Alto has won out every single time. I love the smooth draw and the large size of the pods. Also, the charge on the Alto lasts about 24 hours for me, and I'm a pretty heavy vaper."

Amy I