Vaporesso is a popular vape brand that offers beginner vape kits, like the Xros 2 to more advanced kits. Vaporesso hardware has been engineered with close care and attention and incorporates everything from coils to pod mods that cater to vapers of all levels. Shop the Vaporesso range here.

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Luxe PM40
VaporessoLuxe PM40
AIO Vape Kit

About Vaporesso

Founded in 2015, Vaporesso has become well-known for its commitment to advanced technology and products on the cutting edge of the latest advances in vape kits as well as a core focus on making safe, reliable products. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen where Vaporesso develops a wide range of products which are suitable for first-timers as well as those with a more advanced focus.

This is a company who wants to be known for its innovation; Vaporesso e-cigs and hardware utilize the newest technologies and they pioneer several kinds of products, including mesh coils and enhanced heating elements.

About Vaporesso Signature Products

The Vaporesso vaping range incorporates several hardware options which you can use with your existing kit. Since the launch of the Vaporesso, they've been creating blockbusting products, such as the XROS Pro and the XROS 4 Mini , launched to critical acclaim (but sadly not available in the US due to PMTA restrictions. If you're looking for a travel-ready and stylish refillable pod mod  system, the XROS won't disappoint.

Vaporesso at The Electric Tobacconist

The Electric Tobacconist vape shop offers a range of Vaporesso e-cig kits and mods. If you are looking for other highly respected Chinese hardware brands, check out Innokin.