WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vape Pen Kit
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Vuse Alto - Key Features

  • Pod mod system from Vuse
  • Includes one Alto Tobacco Pod
  • Auto draw technology optimized consistency

About the Vuse Alto

Industry giants Vuse have stepped up their game by introducing the Vuse Alto Pod System. The Alto kit comes with one Vuse Alto Original Pod so you can vape right out of the box. The Alto also features an intelligent auto draw system that gives a consistent draw every single time and eliminate the need for a clunky button. 

The Vuse Alto takes 1.8ml Alto Pod that contain 5.0% nicotine by weight and come in 4 flavors: Original, Menthol, Mixed Berry, Rich Tobacco.

The Vuse Alto is sure to be a crowd favorite as it combines stealth, ease of use, and great flavors like its predecessors the Vuse Vibe and Vuse Ciro.

1 x Vuse Alto device

1 x Alto Original pod

1 x Vuse Alto charger

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What's the difference between a vape kit, a vape pen, an all-in-one and a pod mod?

Names are often manufacturer-led, but in general, there's not really any difference between a vape pen and a vape kit, except a vape pen tends to look more like a pen! 

A pod mod tends to be the more modern version of the above, but whereas vape kits and vape pens have clearomizer tanks that need refilling, pod mods have pods (capsules) that are pre-filled (either by the user, or as they come) and are taken off and replaced as and when needed.

All-In-One (AIO) kits are similar to vape pens but rather than using removable tanks, the battery and tank is one combined unit.

Does this kit come with everything I need to start me off?

Yes. The kit contains everything you need to start vaping once you have charged your starter kit (including a USB charger). 

The kit comes with pods/refills included. Please check the "What's Included" tab for exact details.

What is the warranty period on this product?

This product comes with a 60 day warranty from the date of order. However, this does not cover misuse, damage or standard wear and tear.

If you need to ask any questions or claim your warranty, please visit our help & contact page.

Please note, with some starter kits we will look to replace parts rather than the entire kit if a fault can be remotely diagnosed.

How long do vape pods last in general?

As a rule of thumb, 1ml of juice should last you around half a day if used consistently, but usage will vary, so please treat the below as a guide only:

  • 1ml - half a day
  • 3ml - one and a half days
  • 5 ml - two and a half days
  • 10ml - 5 days
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Product Reviews

I do not like this at all. It tastes like my grandpa's pipe. I do not taste menthol at all. I also purchased the vibe with the same results. I am still on the hunt. This was a costly mistake :(

15th February 2019 - Paula Hay

Started out fine, and I actually quit smoking cigs with this, but over the past few pod purchases nearly every one of them has burned out. Most recently, today I got more and I'm about 20 pulls in and the coil burned out again. I'm done with Vuse.

15th February 2019 - Derek

If you like wasting your money on inferior products that are a constant disappointment...this is for you! Leaking Pods, Burnt Pods, and a Battery that comes and goes by itself. This is a cheap product that has not been fully developed before release. Do not waste your money.

14th February 2019 - Ralph Smith

This product is horrible, I like the product but every single cartridge I buy only works for about half or less of the cartridge before it has a coil problem and gets a nasty taste of a burnt coil. Total rip off and they need to take there product back to the drawing board and work out the kinks!

8th February 2019 - Donald

Started with Vuse, tried Ciro after the recall (terrible), switched to Boulder Rock. I like it, but some leakage issues. So, I am now using the Alto. Stiffer draw than the Boulder Rock and much easier to use. No button. Self-contained tanks slide in and stay with magnets. Couldn’t be easier. The charging seems a little tricky as mine sat on a charger without the indicator lighting up until about 4 hrs in. Then I had to unplug and plug back in to get an actual charge. Possible fluke, we will see. I recommend the Alto.

8th February 2019 - Anonymous

I bought the kit and 4 pods. The original pod Tatse terrible and nothing like the solo original. Of the 4 extra pods I Bought one of them I was able to use the whole pod the rest almost immediately after starting to use them Taste so burnt I can even try to use it anymore. Honestly don’t waste your money.

7th February 2019 - Zack

When it works ir works well but so far every other pod tastes burnt and horrible before the halfway mark sometimes only a quarter way in.

30th January 2019 - Justin

I bought the Vuse Alto as a back up to another pod system after I received a coupon. I have tried several different vape system. This is my favorite by far

29th January 2019 - Sonya Campbell

I tired this product an the battery stopped working after three days won't charge or work be nice if alto sent me a new one to replace the the one that stopped working after 3 days

28th January 2019 - Jack

I bought my first Alto just 3 hours ago. I also have a Juul.
I immediately preferred the "feel" of the ALTO. The ALTO isn't as harsh as the Juul. It produces twice or 3 times the vape and doesn't make me cough like the Juul often does.
My wife has smoked the Juul for 2 years and she also prefers the Alto. Being in proximity of Reynolds, I'd love seeing them gain great market share. With their seemingly unlimited marketing budget, and Alto being so superior to Juul from what I see so far, I predict they will take chunks of market share from Juul. Unless Juul upgrades, I think Alto will gain the highest market share by the end of 2019. I like the size of the battery and the increase in the liquid in the pods ( .7 vs 1.8ml). I haven't charged the battery yet and hope that's easy. So far the Alto is a clear winner!!

19th January 2019 - Doug McElroy

Smoked for 20 years and could never quit EVER. Been cigarette free for 2 months because of these products. Started on the silver vuse and graduated to the Alto..no more camel filters. Love the original flavor...battery last forever. Cool charger too. Wish the cartridges lasted me a little longer tho...run out pretty fast these days. No complaints tho. Great product...definitely addicted to these. Better than cigs any day.

18th January 2019 - Kasey

I bought this for me and my boyfriend to quit smoking about a month ago. We have both been successful. The only bad thing is that the charger can stop working but I be found that if you press the vape into the charger hard enough then it should continue to work or if you use pliers while unplugged to pull the prongs on the inside of the charger up into the right position. Over all a pack of pods lasts me about a week when before I was spending double that on Newports.

14th January 2019 - Kiersten

Really mad I bought this even if it was a ‘better deal’ than my Juul, but not really in the end because the taste of both the original and berry make me want to vomit. And now of course I can’t get my 30 bucks back since I opened everything already. If Juul had this design/cartridge capacity and battery life, I would even pay the price that came with it. But seriously everything good about this is completely outweighed by how nauseating the taste and even smell of this thing is like eww. Disgusting. So disappointed

19th December 2018 - Christy

Extremely disappointed. Swapped to alto after a good 8 months with my vape and a week after the charger quit working. Considering I couldn't find a charger sold seperate I bought a brand new starter kit and go figure 2 weeks after the second charger quits. Now I have 2 useless alto vapes.

Love the design and size of cartridge but definitely going back to juul...

18th December 2018 - Tyler

I guess I am spoiled a little bit. There is nothing like the Vibe original e-cig'd, I ordered the new alto and while the e-cig was okay it still did not have the flavor of the Vibe original.

15th December 2018 - Len Little

Don’t bother. I’ve bought for cartridges. Two of which stopped working. Waste of money. Not the vape itself. Just the cartridges. I’m done with this brand.

12th December 2018 - Jennifer Waldera

Why would I buy this for 30$ for a starter kit and 13$ for a pack of pods when I could go to a circle k and get a starter kit for 20$ and a pack of pods for 10$?

12th December 2018 - Ben

The product is very smooth, light weight, and a light exhale all of which I like. If there is anyway you could make the flavors less chemically tasting it would be perfect. Until it tastes better I will be sticking with my other vape.

10th December 2018 - Julie

Good device, solidly made, reliable, and a very, very quiet vape. No crackling sound, and very smooth.
Two things I dont like:
1. Only uses a proprietary charger
2. Only 4 flavors available (and I dont think the flavors are very good).

4th December 2018 - BARRY SHARPNACK

Vuse alto is great. I have been 8 days cigarette free because of it. Nothing else ever got me this far. It's smooth, quiet, has a great hit, the battery life is excellent and the refills last me several days and I puff on it alot. I've only used regular tobacco flavor. I love this thing! It would be great if there was a zero nicotine cartridge for when we want to get off nicotine all together but still crave the motion of smoking. Start slow when puffing, it's a pretty powerful hit. The magnetic charger is awesome too! Great product! Finally able to stay away from cigarettes. Thank you vuse!

2nd December 2018 - Finally Quit

Better than JUUL so far.

29th November 2018 - Anonymous

Vuse Alto is the newest addition to Vuse Vapor lineup and probably best of the bunch. Long lasting battery unit and a nice punch in every draw. It is kinda addictive to snap the pod, it makes a nice clicky sound, a better all over experience than fidget spinners... Also I discovered a way to refill the pods, you can also refill juul pods but they leak and don't draw much after refilling. Alto pods are build very sturdy and have no leaks whatsoever after refilling.

15th November 2018 - Gabriel FK

While it is an easier draw than the juul in that it holds solid, the hit is very harsh. The MYLE is a much better setup. As is the MiPod. Both are much much smoother. Plus the flavor is barely noticeable on the mixed berry.

While the size is fine, the pods come out way too easy. This makes it a poor choice for the blue collar worker. I’ll stick with my MYLE.

14th November 2018 - Darkwingduck

Vuse Alto is fantastic! By far they're best vape yet. Nice, smooth, strong and clean hit. The feel of the device in your had and your mouth are nice. It's sturdy and substantial without being bulky. My only complaint is they don't have a nectar pod for this yet, Dang it!

20th September 2018 - Sunkiss

Compared to JUUL and MyBlu, this is by far the smoothest and easiest draw of the 3. I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the Alto. Looking forward to more flavors being released as currently only Original (tastes like a Swisher Sweet - VERY strong flavor), Menthol (My favorite), Berry (My wife's favorite), and Rich Tobacco (My second favorite). Despite complaints about the VIBE being the best product, I find the VIBE to be the inferior product in this case and I'm quite enjoying the ALTO's clean, refreshing draws.

19th September 2018 - Matthew

Praise for Electric Tobacconist