WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vape Pen Kit
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Vuse Alto - Key Features

  • Pod mod system from Vuse
  • Includes one Alto Tobacco Pod
  • Auto draw technology optimized consistency

About the Vuse Alto

Industry giants Vuse have stepped up their game by introducing the Vuse Alto Pod System. The Alto kit comes with one Vuse Alto Original Pod so you can vape right out of the box. The Alto also features an intelligent auto draw system that gives a consistent draw every single time and eliminate the need for a clunky button. 

The Vuse Alto takes 1.8ml Alto Pod that contain 5.0% nicotine by weight and come in 4 flavors: Original, Menthol, Mixed Berry, Rich Tobacco.

The Vuse Alto is sure to be a crowd favorite as it combines stealth, ease of use, and great flavors like its predecessors the Vuse Vibe and Vuse Ciro.

1 x Vuse Alto device

1 x Alto Original pod

1 x Vuse Alto charger

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Does this kit come with everything I need to start me off?

Yes. The kit contains everything you need to start vaping once you have charged your starter kit (including a USB charger). 

The kit comes with pods/refills included. Please check the "What's Included" tab for exact details.

How long do vape pods last in general?

As a rule of thumb, 1ml of juice should last you around half a day if used consistently, but usage will vary, so please treat the below as a guide only:

  • 1ml - half a day
  • 3ml - one and a half days
  • 5 ml - two and a half days
  • 10ml - 5 days
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Is your packaging discreet?
Our packaging is very discreet and generally comes in white padded envelopes. There is no mention of e-cigarette-related goods on the outside of our packaging.
What's the difference between a vape kit, a vape pen, an all-in-one and a pod mod?

Names are often manufacturer-led, but in general, there's not really any difference between a vape pen and a vape kit, except a vape pen tends to look more like a pen! 

A pod mod tends to be the more modern version of the above, but whereas vape kits and vape pens have clearomizer tanks that need refilling, pod mods have pods (capsules) that are pre-filled (either by the user, or as they come) and are taken off and replaced as and when needed.

All-In-One (AIO) kits are similar to vape pens but rather than using removable tanks, the battery and tank is one combined unit.

What is the warranty period on this product?

This product comes with a 60 day warranty from the date of order. However, this does not cover misuse, damage or standard wear and tear.

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Please note, with some starter kits we will look to replace parts rather than the entire kit if a fault can be remotely diagnosed.

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Product Reviews

I would have to say that this has saved me from cigarettes I was able to quit smoking using this product and I never thought I’d be able to quit I tried everything from prescriptions to cold turkey and nothing helped until I had the Vuse alto menthol that taste just like Newport cigarettes to me all I have to say is thank you four this product .

17th April 2019 - Rob Kelsesky

im having terrible problems with this unit. i buy 2-3 refills every couple weeks and i have at least 2 a month of the refill cartridges dont work!!need something else.

17th April 2019 - Chad

I used it for a day before I couldn't stand it anymore, and switched back to Juul. It's built well, battery lasted a full day, and it hits perfect every time. But the flavors are horrible, burn, and leave a disgusting burned taste in your mouth. I tried three different flavors and four different pods, all the same disgusting burning thing. Like burnt pancakes and farts. I tried to return it to manufactured, they wouldn't process a return, they sent me coupons for the bad pods, even though every one of different flavors was bad. It's an awesome concept for a mod kit, but don't waste your money. I'll give you mine, and some useless coupons.

13th April 2019 - Keith Carter

I've been buying these for the past 3 months 3-4 times a week, and 97.6% chance that they will burn out out of the box, which means it's un-smokable, and taste like a burnt-out plastic trash, horrible save ur money and go somewhere else, stay away from main stream vapes, they are in for the cash and sell the worst ones, just at the Vuse Alto reviews horrible product and even worse Pods that fail before even being opened

12th April 2019 - Ripd Off

It hits maybe 1 out of every 20 attempts. There is no trick that makes it work consistently. Sometimes it’ll work by pushing it in harder, sometimes by pulling it out slightly, sometimes by hitting harder, sometimes softer, usually not at all.
I did some research, found out the pods are likely the problem. This is my 3rd pack of pods and still same problem. It just blinks.
Sources say to call customer service and they’ll give a refund. It’s nice that they’ll do that, but doesn’t solve the problem. Also, they don’t answer phones on sundays, which is bad customer service.

7th April 2019 - Jesse Thomas

I stopped smoking cigarettes are using the Alto. I have probably bought five starter kits in five months because they all start to Give the juice a burnt flavor. Don’t waste your money.

6th April 2019 - Monica

I currently switched from Juul to this. First I would like to say that the Juul is not perfect (Juul users ya know the deal) and has its drawbacks. However in my opinion the biggest drawback is the cost of the pods (way too much money)! Now as far as the Vuse Alto goes, this thing is trash. I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot anyways. I’ll start with the positives, great battery (3 days for me), about 1hr to charge, you can vape while charging, smooth and absolutely quiet hits, and the draw hits hard! Now for the negatives, I used 5 pods and every single one leaked juice into my mouth (very little to a lot at times) about 50% of the time. The pods would then at times feel clogged. I could still get a decent hit but it wasn’t anywhere near of what it’s capable of doing. Then the pen would blink halfway through the draw as if the battery was dead. That would just happen completely randomly. After dealing with all that the pen just died. It does nothing. I purchased all of this exactly 30 days ago. I have two unopened pods that I am stuck with now. Vuse costumer care only offered me some garbage coupons that I am not interested in using. Word of advice, don’t waste your time or money on this product.

6th April 2019 - Ricky

i bought two of these device to move on from juul.....i saw these reviews about its better battery life and that is does not spits ..but it does badly and the unit i bought stopped working after a week...it shows no charge after its fully charged...so yeah i would not recommend this to any one else better stick with jull or move on to another better

4th April 2019 - Sanjog Gurung

I've bought three of these units in the past two months, because after a week or two of steady use, they no longer charge properly (if they'll even charge at all)

4th April 2019 - Ryan

The first hour was great then it started to taste extremely burnt and every cartridge after did the same thing.

31st March 2019 - Carson

Most responsive I've used compared to JUUL, and many other pens.

28th March 2019 - Destin

Terrible bought 2 same thing happened to both after first couple hits tasted burnt then quit working all together!

27th March 2019 - Traci

First few hits on a new pod are ok then they start to get harsh and then they take on a burnt taste or the pod quits altogether with plenty of juice left in the pod. I have tried 3 different juices and all had pretty much the same result.contacted customer service and all they would do is send me$3 off coupons and not offer to replace the faulty pods or even allow me to return faulty pods to see what is going on with the pods

27th March 2019 - Ron

Hands down I've tried blu and juul this is the best vapor product. The lady at the gas station hooked me up. The first like 20 hits were harsh now it's like smoking a cigarette. Without the smell and the second hand smoke.

25th March 2019 - Taylor

Since I quit smoking cigarette a few years ago I started vaping. I have tried maybe a half dozen different variations of ecigs and seemed to prefer the Juul. When I came across the Vuse Alto i gave it a try. Except for the taste of the pods everything about the device was perfect. The starter kit came with an “Original” pod and I bought the “ Rich Tabacco” flavor. Not only did they both taste like I was smoking a cigar the room took on the same smell. Great device, bad tobacco flavored pods. Disappointing

24th March 2019 - Evelyn

Big JUUL fan. Went to try Alto only Bc someone at the mapco offered it and menthol pods (what I wanted ) for less than $7. Has a really nice “hit” -stronger and easier than a JUUL. Has a battery life that I haven’t had die on me yet. The confusion ? ... how are these pods over twice the size of a Juul but they are done so much faster ? AND do not even think about lying down for bed at night and being proud of not smoking. This device (and maybe I just ended up with a bad one in a promotion thing ?) dropped liquid so horribly down my throat. I know I can’t lay down with it. It is a stronger faster hit if you keep it upright. But the larger pods ???? For some reason go down WAY faster than the smaller ones I had with the JUUL. ? I think maybe a SCAM. just for those .. like me ... that you are really just trying to kick the cigs. JUUL - despite media press - and Bc of that - are SO MUCH CHEAPER

23rd March 2019 - Amanda

I loved it... until I charged it the first time and it stopped working.. bought a second, same story.. one charge and it never worked again.. waste of money.

18th March 2019 - Laura

Alto is awesome!!! Best Vape ever!! Easy smooth pull. Mixed Berry pods are great my favorite. Best vapor!!

15th March 2019 - Jessica Casey

Don't get me wrong... Everything is good except the price. why would anybody pay 30$ & have 2 wait 4 it 2 be shipped 2 them when they can just go 2 the store & get 1 4 21.65$... yawl are dumb

8th March 2019 - Anonymous

I work at a gas station used a juul and spent too much. Got curious tried an alto and now months later battery still perfect and charger and down to one ciggerette a day. I feel as if this vape isnt popular because it's not the juul and hasnt hadcemented name yet at least what i have seen.

2nd March 2019 - Jason

The design of this is great, the battery life is great, it hits fantastic....
I have bought 4 refill packs and all but 1 has tasted burnt. Not one has made it to the empty stage....
Emailed and Called their support to report this , they are sending me a mailer to return the bad PODS and giving me coupons to purchase more of the PODS that they know are bad! No offer to replace what I have spent my money on. Ridiculous ! Unacceptable.
I would AVOID this product until they have done some extensive testing and fix the problems that they know are happening in large quantities of their PODS.

1st March 2019 - Bryan Lynch

worked for less than 4 days.
started not dragging right.
then just died.
wont charge.
peice of trash.

27th February 2019 - Ruthanne

It spits in your mouth and I have went through four cartridges trying to get a rid of the horrible taste of burnt cartridge.
... I am not sure what it is but I do not think I am suppose to smoke it. This disposible is garbage.

25th February 2019 - Angel Michalak

Started out awesome.... ended up garbage. My wife smokes berry, had 1 pod taste burnt in last month. I smoke original, has 2 batteries go bad, and every "original" package I buy has a slightly different color fluid and a majority of the time the coil shorts out, our burns up before canister is even quarter empty. Complete garbage. They also leak alot, constantly have juice in my mouth or all inside my pockets.

25th February 2019 - Doug

Boa tarde..acabei de chegar dos EUA..na casa que fiquei hospedada eu não podia fumar..e estava muito frio que me impedia de ir fumar do lado de fora da casa..resolvi entao usar o cigarro eletronico.. enquanto estive lá no periodo de dois meses,não senti nenhuma vontade de fumar o cigarro convencional,no qual eu já fumava a 47 anos..e quando meu eletronico descarregava,eu recorria ao convencional,e não mas conseguia fumar ele inteiro..chegava na metade,já me enjoava ..voltei para o Brasil agora dia 14/02/2019..e impossibilitada de continuar usando o meu cigarro VUSE ALTO..pois não tenho como comprar o refil..nem o cigarro eletronico aqui no BRASIL..voltei fumar o convencional..e agora nesse momenro,terminando a manhã..se iniciando o periodo da tarde ,já estou no segundo maço..estou muito triste..além de deixar esse país maravilhoso..voltei para o meu vicio no cigarro convencional

22nd February 2019 - Katia Da Rocha Silva

Praise for Electric Tobacconist