WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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A new and exciting addition to VUSE’s e-cigarette range, the VUSE Ciro combines simplicity with user-focused design and a range of useful features, making it a great option both for first-timers and more experienced vapers looking for convenience, style and a smooth vaping experience. 

Key Features of the VUSE Ciro

  • VUSE Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette
  • 0.9ml cartridge
  • LED fades in and out when you draw on the e-cigarette
  • 260mAh battery
  • V-Liquid strength: 1.5% nicotine by weight (15mg nicotine)

About the VUSE Ciro

The VUSE Ciro is a slim, highly portable e-cigarette with convenience at the forefront of its design. Just like the VUSE Solo before it, the Ciro has a classic cigarette shape, though it builds upon the Solo’s design in various ways. 

VUSE Ciro cartridges hold 0.9ml of V-Liquid®, over 40% more than the Solo, and, taking inspiration from the tank system used in the VUSE Vibe, they are transparent, allowing you to see exactly when you need to replace them. A long-lasting ceramic wick takes the place of the fibreglass wick used in the Solo and the Vibe, giving you a smooth, flavor-packed draw, while the new ‘twist and go’ connection between the battery and cartridge allows you to change cartridges with a minimum of hassle. The VUSE V-Liquid® contained within the cartridges is expertly blended in the USA and contains 1.5% nicotine (15mg nicotine) for a perfectly smooth and flavorsome vape.

The VUSE Ciro is powered by a 260mAh battery, which can be recharged using the USB cable included in the kit. The LED will fade and glow white as you draw on the e-cigarette, and will flash red ten times when the battery needs recharging.

Refill cartridges for the VUSE Ciro are available in Original (Tobacco), Nectar (Summer Fruit), Melon, Mint and Menthol, giving you a whole range of refined flavor options to choose from, whether you’re a fan of classic tobacco blends, refreshing fruit or cooling mint and menthol liquids.


1 x Ciro rechargeable electronic cigarette

1 x Cartridge 

1 x Charger

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Product Reviews

Worst ever. I switched to this after Vibe was removed. Very expensive, the cartridges are too expensive and the batteries last MAYBE a couple hours. They need to bring the Vibe back. I’m not wasting any more money on Ciro!

15th August 2018 - Chenke

It helped me stop smoking cigarettes. It lasted only a week. The pen does not light up or do anything. Save your money.

5th August 2018 - Shamsa

Bought 1 just the other day with 2 pack of refills. Can’t tell if the pen is defective or the refills. Pen lights up but nothing comes out. As well as the tank it came with LEAKED!

31st July 2018 - Kim Prucha

Terrible terrible TERRIBLE! Do not use anymore. The oil leaks into your mouth, it has happened to me now I’m having very bad body allergic including hives every time I some

30th July 2018 - John

I do not like the Solo or ciepro
They don’t last very long

22nd July 2018 - Candence L Brooks

I love the original flavor. Came on here to see how much it was. 15 dollars?! Seriously?! Wayyyyyyy too expensive. Thinking about going back to my vuse solo where cartridges are only 7 dollars

29th June 2018 - Bekah

not a good value. tanks do not last. Either lower the price or give 4 tanks per pack.

a customer for over two years. they always make it right when i have a problem...but ciro, i am disappointed in.

27th June 2018 - Teri Josephsen

The cartridges are way too expensive. They work well but even the promotional price was too high. I was using them waiting for a replacement vibe to hit the market, now the promo price has gone so I will not be buying another.

23rd June 2018 - Onemad

I got this ecig yesterday and it works perfectly fine. I got the ecig for 7.99 and a catridge pack for 8.99 that comes with 3 of them. When the vuse refills only came with 2. All you have to do is hit it slower to get a nice draw off it. It doesnt' make big clouds, but its a nice ecig. My liquid is half full and im having no problems.

18th June 2018 - Lucas

I bought this as a replacement for my Vibe that has been recently recalled. I knew beforehand that it wasn't as big as the Vibe, but I wanted to give it a try. I am not impressed. It's just ok. I was hoping that it would last longer than the original Vuse, but it doesn't. In fact, the cartridges don't even seem to last as long as the Vuse, and the battery definitely doesn't last as long. I've actually found that I prefer the original Vuse to the Ciro. Quite disappointed to be honest.

14th June 2018 - Tiffany Terra Joslin

Been using this product for a couple months - since the Vuse Vibe was discontinued. I genuinely hate this device. The battery easily dies within less than a day; without any warning that it is losing power. The cartridges will leak hot oil into your mouth, burn your lips. The cartridges will barely work after being about 1/4 full. The cartiridges do not last long unless you “economically puff”. The quality is very poor for the price. I would never recommend this product.

12th June 2018 - Rachel

I don’t see why everyone is trippin...
Maybe cuz I didn’t try the vibe or the solo, but as my first vape, just switching from cigarettes (smoking 2 packs a week, trying to quit), I love it. It’s perfect for me!

11th June 2018 - Dianna

I had to try this because of what they did with the Vuse and I am not a fan. 1. It gets hotter than the Vuse ever did and its still common sense why so not sure why they didn't pull this one too. 2. I keep getting the liquid in my mouth. 3. Battery life is terrible and one battery already broke. They want me to send it back. They will send me an envelope in a few days but coupons in a few weeks. I bought this one online when they had their special for $2 but with coupon I have to pay with a couple bucks off still making it much more than the $2. Guess I'm moving on from the Vuse altogether because not a fan of the Ciro and the Solo is much to strong of a pull. Vibe was perfect but 10 people ruined that for all of us. If they simply would have changed the cartridge, it wouldn't have gotten warm again. Sad how many people they have gotten to go back to smoking. Vibe was the only one that worked for me and I tried MANY. Ciro doesn't come close.

5th June 2018 - Shari

VUSE Ciro is outrageously expensive and doesn't last long. Neither do the batteries last. R J Reynolds needs to get a new battery on the market for Vibe and fast!!

5th June 2018 - S A Bayle

The vibe was fairly decent except for the cartridge leaking nicotine in my mouth at times.

After the Vibe recall, I bought the Ciro from a local retailer and it is the worst product ever! (I normally order from this website)

The cartridges ooze nicotine in my mouth and 3 out of 4 of them got very hot AND shot hot nicotine droplets into my mouth and scalded my tongue (crazy!), so they were left 50% full, plus the battery life has NO LIFE... and the nicotine content is so low that I could vape 3-cartridges a day...uh that is if I could get more than 50% of the nicotine out of them!

All VUSE did was create another recall product. At least Vibe lasted all day and made me want to smoke less. All Ciro does is make me want to START smoking again instead of vaping. Maybe that's their plan!

31st May 2018 - Jeff Anliker

Replaces the vibe for now hope it comes back!

31st May 2018 - Megan Grimes

I bought this when vibe became unavailable. Nicotine content is low. Tank life and battery life short meaning more messing about keeping everything available. Have to carry extra batteries and tanks when going out. Cost per ml and cost per nicotine content is astronomical compared to others (and to vibe). Pay more, get less. I will not repeat buy.

21st May 2018 - Joe Cymru

The Ciro works as an alternative to the Vibe but it is smaller, doesn't last as long, doesn't seem to stay charged as long and the cartridges tend to be a bit leaky.

20th May 2018 - Judith Stone

I hope this isn't a replacement for the vibe which I was very happy with. The battery does not stay charged as long, the cartridges run out very quickly (and are very expensive in comparison to the vibe), and the hit doesn't seem as satisfying. I'm very disappointed with this product.

18th May 2018 - Candice Alder

I was content with the Vibe for a mainstream vape pen. I had it as a back up to my regular rig for when I am out at places where a larger clouds distract others and refilling my tank is inconvenient. The Ciro tank lasts a few hours with normal use. The Vibe tanks lasted at least a day with fairly heavy use. I'm so disappointed I made it a point to hunt down a place to review it.
May as well stick with the solo.

17th May 2018 - Trish

The battery charge does not last long at all, You better buy three of them so you have back up, Don't buy them waste of money

17th May 2018 - Jeff Sgambellone

A terrible replacement for the Vibe, which was recalled. Vuse seems to have no quality control department, when you buy refill cartridges, sometimes they are of various quality. The Ciro is way overpriced for what you get finally forcing for me to switch to a vape pen. what I paid for e-liquid is equivalent to about $100 of Ciro refills (and was the same cost). Bought a vape pen for ~$20 (contrast to Ciro at ~$15). One of the many reasons that I made the switch was randon availability for the Vuse products, some stores still had Vibe, some have Ciro, and some have original (and really poor design) Vuse. I would recommend giving this a pass. Expensive, poor quality, and random availability.

10th May 2018 - Dennis Russell

I though I was just waisteing money trying another type of ecig. This is awesome. I have tried so many and all of them sting the back of my throat bad. With my years of acid reflux & bile reflux my throat is very sensitive. This is now my last one I will ever purchase, and I will be able to take it in to high security area at work. Finally one i can enjoy and the flavors are so good, very strong taste of what you are smoking. (My boyfriend even had to try they smelled so good) I will be stocking up on more filters when i get paid :)

8th May 2018 - Dawn Loberg

So I gave this a glowing review, but I should have waited until I had used it longer. I picked this up as an immediate replacement for the Vuse Vibe. Seemed fine at first, better than expected.

There are several issues. The tanks go too quickly. It’s 3 pm and I am on my second one. This is partly because for some reason whenever the tank is less than half full, the flavor seems off to me. I have tried recharging the battery to full power to see if that’s the problem, and it hasn’t helped. If I put a new tank on, it tastes fine again. I don’t know if that’s just me or some weird issue going on.

Second issue is the battery itself. I’m having to charge it 3 times a day, sometimes more. I could have a bad unit, because the first few days seemed fine.

Third issue is the cost. I still use my larger mods and when I think about the cost of using those compared to the cost of using Ciro, its pretty outrageous. You can buy a 60ml bottle of high quality e juice for the price of 2 packs of Ciro cartridges, so it is certainly not cost effective. 60ml lasts me a long time, a month at least.

I really liked the Vuse Vibe because it was so easy to take when you are out and about. If you are looking to replace that with something similar, Ciro is probably not it.

If you’re new to vaping, this may work for you but again its not cost effective. There are a lot of refillable pod systems that would be better than Ciro. There are a lot of options to choose from on this site.

Hope this helps!

8th May 2018 - Nicole M

Low battery life, it does not last as long as the Vibe.

8th May 2018 - Thomas Bruce

Praise for Electric Tobacconist