WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Warranty Terms

The warranty terms on your product can be found under the Common Questions tab on the product page on our site, as shown below:

Warranty Claims

If your product is faulty, a claim can be made if the product is within its warranty period and is returned to us within 15 working days of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form being issued. To issue a support ticket and request a form click here.

Claims against unwanted goods or items lost in transit cannot be processed after a 30-day period from the order date.

E-Cig Batteries:

Our warranty on batteries is 60 days from order date. However, problems with starter kits are often not connected to a battery fault. Click here for help troubleshooting.

If you believe your battery is faulty (and your product falls within the 60-day warranty period) please click here for our online contact form. We can often diagnose and/or fix a problem remotely, or send a replacement if necessary.

If there turns out to be an unfixable fault with the battery, we'll just send you a new one or offer you a full refund if you prefer. (In most cases, we will require you to return the faulty one.) Please note: this warranty is void if the unit has been broken due to mishandling and/or tampering.

Clearomizers/Tanks/Refillable Pods:

Covered by a strict 7-day warranty from the day of receipt as they are consumable oral products. Products which have been over tightened, dropped, and crushed are not covered by this warranty.


Disposable e-cigarette units are covered by a 7-day (from order date) dead-on-arrival warranty as they are consumable oral products. Please note: Our puff counts are merely estimates supplied by the manufacturer. We cannot offer refunds on disposable e-cigarettes failing to meet these estimated number of puffs.

Before sending anything back to us, please read here for our Returns Policy.