About Us

How It Started

The Electric Tobacconist USA was founded in Boulder, Colorado back in early 2015, and we've called it our home ever since! Our brand started in the UK in 2013; following two fruitful years, we undertook a transatlantic expansion into the United States, forming ET USA as a fully-fledged, independent vape shop.

Our name pays homage to the traditional tobacconist: a local store where the community could pick up their supplies, discover the latest innovations in tobacco and get expert advice and recommendations on what to buy. Skip forward to the modern-day, and many are seeking alternatives to tobacco smoking; this is where we come in. The Electric Tobacconist USA was built to be a one-stop shop for e-cigarettes and tobacco alternatives that maintains the innovation, customer experience, and expertise offered by our namesake. We think of ourselves as a 21st-century tobacconist!

Official Stockist for the Major Brands

At The Electric Tobacconist, we like to ask ourselves "How can we serve the customer better, and how can we serve them faster?". This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, and ingenuity has earned us a place as a leading online vape shop in the USA.

We are proud to utilize an industry-leading age verification process that has been seamlessly integrated into our checkout process. We’re committed to fighting youth vaping, so much so, we've limited bulk purchasing to reduce the possibility of unregulated reselling. Find out more about our age verification policy by clicking here. For this reason, we have been selected as sole official authorized stockist to blu, Logic and NJOY.

Buying and receiving your VUSE Pods, your JUUL Pods or even your vape juice is only half the experience when you shop with us! We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, which is manned by a passionate team with second-to-none product knowledge. Whether you need some help deciding on a kit or have a query further down the line, our knowledgeable customer care team is available to assist every step of the way. Don’t just take our word for it - we have over 35,000 real customer reviews (and counting!) with an average rating of over 4.5 stars! Click here to view our reviews, all publicly viewable and housed independently on the reviews.io portal.

Online is what we do best at the Electric Tobacconist USA, so if you need to get in contact, we handle most customer inquiries via email. This allows us to keep all customer notes and correspondence in the same place, which in turn ensures we deliver the highest standards of customer service at all times. In an industry as sensitive as vaping, it is also important that we keep detailed logs; working online allows us to keep organized, meticulous records in one secure location. We aim to respond to all tickets within 4 hours during business hours, so the support you need is never far away. If you’re looking to get in touch, click here.

Where We're Headed

The e-cigarette market in the US is in the midst of a crucial shift, as focus has turned to PMTA and the importance of regulation. We welcome the progress towards a market that only sells FDA approved products. We work tirelessly to offer the best range of products that are fully compliant, each of which has been sourced, screened, and priced to cater to all types of vaper, whether they are complete beginners, experienced users, or somewhere in between.

The Electric Tobacconist USA is part of several associations and alliances that advocate for rational, fair and science-lead policies for e-cigarettes and broader smoking alternatives. Vapor products are, at their core, designed to help users go smoke-free! We are proud members of the VTA, AVA and RMSFA and believe that regulated growth, transparency and research are key to the future of the vaping industry. We strictly abide by all laws and regulations, which in turn supports the positive work of these organizations and ensures the industry grows in a healthy and positive way.