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If you are building your own vaping kit then you will need to choose the right clearomizer for your preferred vape experience. Clearomizers are simply the chambers where your vape juice is held but they also have the purpose of heating your juice and turning it into vapor for you to enjoy.

How do Clearomizers Work?

For most clearomizers you pour your chosen e-juice directly in. Once you pour in the juice it travels down a metal tube at the heart of the chamber and this tube connects to the wick. The wick then soaks up the e-juice and delivers it to the heating coil which usually sits at the bottom of the chamber. There are top coil clearomizers and those with double coils but most models feature a bottom coil.

Clearomizer Capacity

Clearomizers are usually relatively small in size with capacity of 1.6ml to 2ml of vape juice but this can differ and brands do experiment and trial different sizes to give vapers even more choice. The size you choose may impact on the vapor production and flavor but in most instances producers work to ensure the same quality experience in larger tanks as well as smaller.

Clearomizer Brands

Many different brands offer clearomizers. Some design them with their own product range in mind, expecting vapers to choose their clearomizer to go with their mod but this doesn't always have to be the case. Most clearomizers are designed with a universal fitting so they can attach to almost any battery or kit.  You will find clearomizers in the range at The Electric Tobacconist from recognizable brands like Boulder.

We regularly update and restock our clearomizers range to ensure there is plenty of choice for all our customers. We recognize there are always new technologies being developed and work to offer the newest clearomizer options for every kind of vaper.