Founded in 2010, GreenSmartLiving is an independent Rocky Mountain vape company that was founded in Salt Lake City. Passionate about achieving a more sustainable way of doing business, GreenSmartLiving offers a recycling and rewards program for all of their refills and battery packs. Shop the full range of GreenSmartLiving below.

About GreenSmartLiving

Founded in Salt Lake City in 2010, GreenSmartLiving is an independent Rocky Mountain vape company that's committed to achieving a more environmentally-friendly way of doing business. For every online order placed, GreenSmartLiving has pledged to purchase and donate one tree through the charitable organization Trees For The Future, with over 100,000 trees donated to date. In addition to Trees For The Future, GreenSmartLiving contributes to a multitude of charities, including Wildlife SOS, 4ocean, and NRDC. GreenSmartLiving offers a unique recycling and rewards program that allows those who have purchased GSL products to receive discounts upon returning their used refills and batteries for recycling. Check out GreenSmartLiving's website for more information on their philanthropic practices and recycle & rewards program.

Explore the GreenSmartLiving Range

GreenSmartLiving offers an eco-friendly alternative to combustible cigarettes in the form of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette refills, and vaping accessories. Pick up one of GSL's battery packs, or any 510-threaded battery, to use in conjunction with their refills/cartridges or snag one of their convenient starter kits to be equipped with everything you need to begin vaping. Be sure to check out some of these GSL products below:

  • Regular Tobacco Starter Kit

    The ideal choice for those looking for a kit that includes everything you need to get started with vaping. Included are a fully charged, rechargeable battery, a compatible USB charger, and two Regular Tobacco High 18mg (1.8%) Refills.

  • Menthol Starter Kit

    Another all-in-one kit that equips you with everything you need to begin vaping, including a fully-charged, rechargeable battery, a compatible USB charger, and two Menthol High 18mg (1.8%) Refills.

  • Tobacco Gold Refills

    A mellow and smooth blend of Turkish tobacco that is a satisfying all-day-vape for those who were previously smokers.

  • Virginia Tobacco Refills

    A light and subtly sweet flavor that is aromatic and smooth. An excellent choice for those looking to transition to vaping.

GreenSmartLiving at The Electric Tobacconist

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