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20 Packs for $9 each
ACE PODS Classic Tobacco
NJOYACE PODS Classic Tobacco
Pack of 2 | 24mg (2.4%) & 50mg (5.0%)
20 Packs for $9 each
ACE PODS Menthol
Pack of 2 | 24mg (2.4%) & 50mg (5.0%)
ACE POD Classic Tobacco
NJOYACE POD Classic Tobacco
Pack of 1 | 50mg (5.0%)
ACE POD Menthol
Pack of 1 | 50mg (5.0%)

About NJOY Pods

NJOY pods are pre-filled cartridges for the NJOY vaping device, designed to offer a satisfying experience for adult smokers and vapers. They contain 1.9ml of e-liquid formulated with nicotine salts, available in three flavors.

How do NJOY Pods Compare to their competitors?

When comparing NJOY Pods to competitors like JUUL Pods and VUSE Alto Pods, there are several factors to consider such as product range, performance, flavors, and value. Here’s a brief comparison based on the available information:

NJOY Pods:

- Known for a variety of flavors.
- Often praised for their price point which is considered to be more affordable than JUUL.
- NJOY devices are said to be cheaper but may not be as durable in the long term1.

JUUL Pods:

- JUUL pods contain 0.7ml of e-liquid and are designed for about 200 puffs.
- They have a 200mAh battery.
- JUUL is often recognized for its convenience and availability in shops2.

VUSE Alto Pods:

- VUSE Alto pods are larger, with 1.8ml capacity.
- The device has a more powerful 350mAh battery.
- VUSE Alto is noted for its faster and cheaper charge time compared to JUUL.