Sub-ohm Vape Tanks

Every sub-ohm vaper has a preferred sub-ohm tank for their favorite mod, it's one of the most important parts of finding the perfect vape setup. Find your new go-to tank at the Electric Tobacconist and compare against top brands like SMOK, Freemax, and Innokin.

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TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank
SMOKTFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank
6.5ml Capacity

About Sub-ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm tanks are the bread and butter of every great vape mod setup. These tanks hold your vape juice and house your coil. It could be said that the tank is where the magic happens when it comes to vaping. Sub-ohm tanks are specially optimized for sub-ohm vape juices that burn at a higher temperature and are generally geared towards more experienced vapers.

Why Choose a Sub-ohm Tank?

Sub-ohm tanks are designed for use with vape mod setups that utilize sub-ohm vape juices that can burn at higher temperatures and produce larger clouds. Sub-ohm tanks are optimal for the more powerful and customizable vape mods usually geared towards more experienced vapers. 

Sub-ohm Tank Brands and Products

The Electric Tobacconist carries a large selection of sub-ohm tanks suited for vapers of all kinds. Whether your looking for a classic go-to like the Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank or something new and exciting like the SMOK TFV9 Tank, you'll be sure to find a tank that fits your style. 

Sub-ohm Tanks at the Electric Tobacconist

Explore the full range of Sub-ohm Tanks at the Electric Tobacconist vape shop.