Menthol Vape Juice

Experience frosty satisfaction with our range of menthol vape juices from brands like Naked 100, Apollo and more. Menthol e-liquids are available in traditional freebase form, as well as menthol nicotine salts. Cool down with an icy vape juice today.

About Menthol Vape Juice

Menthol e-liquid all tastes the same, right? Well, that's not actually even remotely true! Menthol vape juice can come in different nicotine levels, can be blended with other flavors and can vary from mild to cool. Think of the different variations in your chewing gum and you're starting to get the idea.
Some of the most popular menthol juices include Boulder Menthol a menthol juice from Boulder Vape.

Explore our Menthol Vape Juice Range

The Electric Tobacconist offers a diverse range of menthol vape juices, featuring flavors from brands like Naked 100Apollo, and more. Here are some highlights from their selection:
Air Factory Menthol: A 60ml vape juice that delivers a cool menthol flavor.
Four Seasons Menthol Tobacco: Available in both 30ml vape juice and nic salt juice, offering a blend of menthol with a tobacco twist.
Coastal Clouds Menthol: A 30ml nic salt juice known for its refreshing taste.
Twist E-Liquids Mint No 1: A 30ml nic salt juice combining mint and menthol for an icy sensation.
Naked 100 Crisp Menthol: A 60ml vape juice that provides a sharp menthol kick.
Boulder Menthol: A 10ml vape juice, perfect for those looking for a straightforward menthol experience.

These menthol e-liquids come in various nicotine levels and can be blended with other flavors. They are available in traditional freebase form as well as nicotine salts, catering to different preferences for a cool and crisp vaping experience.

Why Shop Menthol Vape Juice from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your menthol vape juice, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2015 as one of the first US online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating from over 35,000 reviews on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist USA for all your vaping needs!

Featured Reviews from ET Customers

Coastal Clouds Menthol

"Got this to replace buying Juul pods because it was getting expensive. The flavor is super minty and has that refreshing feeling in the back of my throat that I love in a menthol vape! It's more minty and much sweeter than the Juul menthol and has a better aftertaste. Tastes very much so like mint gum or mint ice cream. Definitely recommend this juice! It's the perfect amount of mint without being too strong. For the price it can't be beat!"


Boulder Menthol 10ml Vape Juice

"Smooth and fresh, just like like a subtle hint of menthol. My favorite brand and I have not smoked a cigarette in 8 years now!"

Terri G