Vape Juice is an essential part of your e-cigarette. Fill your tank with any of our huge selection of e-juices below and vape away!

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Vape Juice

E-juice (aka e-liquid) helps provide the vapor and comes in many, many flavors. E-liquid combines nicotine, flavorings and propylene glycol to create the vapor that goes into your lungs. The sensation of inhaling e-liquid is very similar to that of inhaling tobacco, but without the toxins and many other damaging components found in combustible tobacco. Unlike cartridge (also know as cartomizer) refills e-liquid comes in a bottle that can be mixed or replenished at the user's will.

Various Vape Juice Flavor Options:

E-juice, comes in so many different flavor variations, that it's unlikely you will be unable to find one which suits your tastebuds! We have everything from nicotine free to high nicotine, tobacco to vanilla, donut to gummy bears! The list of flavor options continues to grow!

Ingredients in Vape Juice:

The five main ingredients in vape juice are:

• Nicotine – From the highest is 24mg down to zero

• Distilled Water

• Propylene Glycol – E-liquid usually contains between 70% & 92% propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is the ingredient that produces the vapor when you exhale.

• Vegetable Glycerine – Produces flavor and sweetness

• Flavorings 

E-Juice in 2017:

Demand for a certain type of vape juice evolved through 2016 along with the technology that vaporizes it. As of 2017 the devices vapers use have become more powerful, the vape juice used has been able to evolve in order to offer a more satisfying performance and flavor delivery. This has given rise to sub-ohm liquid, max VG liquid and high VG liquid. All of these are thicker consistency, so wouldn't perform as well in less powerful devices, but when used on the right e-cig (typically a Box Mod), vapers rarely revert back!

Buy E-Juice with Paypal or Credit Card at The Electric Tobacconist®:

The Electric Tobacconist® USA stocks a broad list of e-liquid refills. You can buy e-liquid with Paypal or credit card with free domestic shipping on all orders over $20. Make sure to browse our e-cigarette starter kits range for a complete package, this is great if it is your first time trying the devices.

Having found the type of e-juice you want to try from The Electric Tobacconist® USA, check out the ranges of some of America's most popular brands. We stock a number of products from big names such as BLU Cigs and NJOY