Watermelon Vape Juice

Crisp, slightly sweet, and bursting with flavor, watermelon vape juices are a fantastic choice for fans of fruity flavored e-liquids and nic salts. Electric Tobacconist stocks the best watermelon salt nic and free-base juices from popular brands like Get Salty, Aqua, and many more.

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About Watermelon Vape Juice

Delicate and refreshing, watermelon is a tricky flavor to capture in an e-juice but plenty of big brands have managed it. Even smaller, boutique producers have put their flavors into the mix, offering original and innovative watermelon e-juice flavors, or e-liquids with a watermelon flavor note.

Watermelon’s subtle flavor makes it an interesting and refreshing addition to many complex and blended vape juices. There are a wide range of both traditional watermelon vape juice and watermelon salt nic options to ensure vapers of all kinds can still get a feel for this subtle and surprisingly refreshing flavor. It pairs well with many other fruit flavors but some brands choose to incorporate it in other ways too.

Watermelon Vape Juice at Electric Tobacconist

Grab a bottle of your favorite watermelon e-liquid from Electric Tobacconist online vapor store and receive free shipping on eligible orders.