JUUL Accessories

Need a spare JUUL device or a new JUUL charger with a unique connection? Shop our range today and collect limited edition JUUL devices before they're gone!

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USB Charger
For the JUUL Kit
JUUL Device Kit with USB charging dock
JUUL Battery & charger kit

About JUUL Accessories

Never go without Juuling again! Get all of your JUUL accessories here at Electric Tobacconist. From portable chargers to own-brand JUUL USB chargers, to spare JUUL devices, we have them all. Find the perfect charger for your car, home, or in between. 

JUUL USB Charger - Grab a replacement JUUL USB Charger for your JUUL device.

FUULtech Portable JUUL Charger - Never let your JUUL Kit die again with the Portable JUUL Charger by FUELtech. Capable of recharging your JUUL up to 5 times, its perfect for taking your JUUL out to parties, dinners, work, and around the town. You can also vape while your JUUL is charging!

JUUL Charging Cable - Need to charge your JUUL in the car? Featuring a variety of cord lengths and connections, now you can charge your JUUL anywhere that has a USB port.

JUUL Accessories at Electric Tobacconist

Our JUUL accessories range includes: