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The time is ripe to pick up a bottle of this smooth and satisfying vape juice from Ripe Vapes! With its full-blown flavor and quality, it's no surprise that VCT from Ripe Vapes is taking the industry by storm. Shop our selection of Ripe Vapes vape juice today.

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About Ripe Vape Juice

Ripe Vapes knows what vape connoisseurs want in an e-liquid: premium ingredients, unparalleled flavor, and an extraordinary overall experience. This California-based company delivers all that and more, so it comes as no surprise that Ripe Vapes has won multiple awards, including Best in Show Overall at the Las Vegas Vape Summit. Like the bottles of fine wine after which Ripe Vapes models its vape juice packaging, this company just keeps getting better with age.

Explore the Ripe Vapes Vape Juice Range

If you like traditional tobacco-flavored juices, check out Ripe Vapes VCT, which features the rich, full-bodied flavor of creamy vanilla custard and light tobacco. 

Ripe Vapes VCT vape juice comes in a 60ml bottle and is available in 0mg (nicotine-free), 3mg (3.0% nicotine), 6mg (0.6% nicotine), 12mg (1.2% nicotine), and 18mg (1.8% nicotine) strengths. Pair it with your favorite vape mod.

What do Fans Say About Ripe Vapes Vape Juice?

From its fierce flavor to its stylish branding, this premium vape juice has fans buzzing, and they're ripe with anticipation to see what Ripe Vapes will do next.

Ripe Vapes at The Electric Tobacconist

You can explore our full range of Ripe Vapes juices at the Electric Tobacconist vape shop.