Sub-Ohm Liquid

Some people like to chase the clouds away, but if you prefer to chase them all day, then pick up a bottle of sub-ohm vape juice. Made with a VG content that is usually 70% or higher, sub-ohm vape juices pair perfectly with your favorite vape mod. Choose from a wide variety of flavor profiles and nicotine strengths. Shop our selection of sub-ohm vape juice here.

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Heisenberg 100ml Vape Juice
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Sub-Ohm Vape Juice

Making the switch to sub-ohm vaping opens up a whole new world of diverse and versatile vape juice options. Choosing sub-ohm vaping offers you a smoother, more intense flavor experience, and the range of juices for you to enjoy is also hugely increased. The sub-ohm vape juice options cover every flavor you can imagine, and innovative brands are always thinking up new and original ideas.

What is a sub-ohm vape juice?

Sub-ohm is the term we use to describe atomizers in vape tanks that have a resistance of less than one (1.0) ohm. To get the most out of these atomizers, you need a sub-ohm juice. Sub-ohm vape juice has a slightly different formula than "regular" vape juice. All juices are made up of a ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Sub-ohm vape juice has a high content of VG, which is the component that is thick, smooth, and able to hold a lot of flavor.

Sub-ohm vaping requires high-VG vape juice because it is not possible to achieve the same flavor intensity or vapor production without it. The huge range of sub-ohm vape juice options on the market means that there is never a reason to opt for anything but the perfect juice for your sub-ohm vaping experience. There are different ratios, too, so you will find sub-ohm juice options with a 70% VG formula and even some that are 100% PG-free.

Sub-Ohm Vape Juice Brands

There is a wide range of brands that specializes in sub-ohm vape juice production. Brands such as Charlie's Chalk Dust and Jam Monster have an impressive range of sub-ohm juices, and there are many more options in our range, too.

At Electric Tobacconist vape shop we are always updating and adding to our sub-ohm vape juice range, and you can explore everything we have to offer on this page.