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E-Cigarette Brands

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E-Cigarette Brands

Vape Brands - Where do I Start?

The exponential growth of the vaping and electronic cigarette industry has given rise to a plethora of different vape brands and keeping track of all of them can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you're just starting out. Where are these brands located? Are these brands safe to use? What vape brand suits my needs best? Don't fret! Electric Tobacconist USA offers an unbiased and comprehensive list of vape brands for sale in the United States in 2022 so you can find the best vaping brands for your needs and preferences.

Choosing the Best Vape Brands:

Each and every brand we carry has something to offer. Whether it be attractive branding and design, comfortable feel, high-end performance, incredible flavor, and smoothness, or discreetness, there's sure to be a vape brand that caters to you. In the end, it really comes down to what you're looking for in your first vaping product, whether that be style, performance, or ease of use. Here at the Electric Tobacconist, we strive to offer the most complete, diverse list of vaping brands to ensure that you find what you want.

Where To Start:

If you're new to vaping or e-cigarettes, the best way to start out is with a vape kit. Vape kits offer the user a streamlined nicotine delivery system that are both stylish and discreet while still giving a satisfying level of nicotine and throat hit. Our range of vape kits includes pod mods, which are small and incredibly easy to use, vape pens, which are a great next step and are more customizable, or cigarette-style vape kits for real cigarette looks and feel.

If you're looking for something a bit heftier, take a look at our selection of vape mod brands and sub-ohm brands. We make sure to stock the best and most current brands on the market so you can get what you're looking for, whether that be an upgrade from a previous box mod, you're looking to increase your power from a pod mod, or you just need some juice and coils.

The Evolution of E-Cigarette and Vaping Brands:

The proliferation of the e-cigarette and vape industry has brought innovation with it each year. Back in 2013, 'cigalikes' were all the rage, with products like the NJOY King coming to the fore. 2014 was the year that tank and coil kits started to become mainstream, particularly with vape pens, which began to outsell highly popular cigarette-style devices. 2015 saw the sharp rise in popularity of box mods that could produce power, vapor, and flavor, a part of the vaping market that is still growing and adding multitudes of designs and styles each year. Pod mods were a huge hit in 2017; their performance and convenience made them a hugely popular option for vapers of all experience levels. 2018 saw the meteoric rise of JUUL and staggering innovation from Chinese manufacturers such as SMOK and Geekvape. 2019/2020 saw the rise of brands like Puff Bar. What will 2022 bring? With the PMTA deadline having now come into effect, it's likely to look very different indeed. Check out our newest arrivals and browse our full selection of products that have applied for a PMTA when you shop Electric Tobacconist's online vape store. 

What to Look For In Vaping and E-Cigarette Brands:

Battery size: The bigger the battery, the longer it will last between charges. E-cig models that look like cigarettes will contain very small batteries that may need charging more than once a day. For this reason, vape pens and pod mods have become more popular in recent times, given their increased battery capacities. Bigger devices like vape mods will usually require external batteries to keep up with their high-wattage output.

Vapor Production: Smaller devices like starter kits will virtually always produce less vapor than a box mod. As a general rule, more wattage means more vapor.

Maintenance: Starting vape brands like PHIX or FIN require the least amount of effort to use and maintain as they use pre-filled cartridges and pods that are click in and vape. Vape and box mod brands have a steeper learning curve, as brands like SMOK require coils, external batteries, and switchable tanks to use. Looking for the most hassle-free form of vaping? Brands such as NJOY and Leap Vapor offer disposable vaping devices that are easy to use and can be tossed or recycled after use. 

Type of liquid: With the increase in the popularity of pod mods, vape juice brands have introduced salt nic e-liquids which allow for high nicotine levels while still maintaining smoothness. Typically, sub-ohm devices should not be used with nicotine salt juices.

Brands Of Note:

Brands from both China and the United States have dominated the vaping industry for quite some time. Popular brands and their products can be found below:

Vape Kits:

  • JUUL, PHIX, and Suorin lead the pod mod industry with incredibly popular, sleek devices. However, new pod mods like the Boulder Rock and Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod are aiming to take them down!
  • FIN and Vuse offer simplicity to former smokers with their cigarette-style kits.

Vape Mods:

  • SMOK, Voopoo, and Geekvape are heavy-weights from China and deliver powerful sub-ohm kits.

Vape Tanks:

  • Up and comers HorizonTech and Freemax manufacture tanks with incredible flavor and vapor output, along with affordable replacement coils.

Vape Juice:

  • Naked 100, Charlie's Chalk Dust, and Mt Baker Vapor are industry favorites who produce quality vape juice year in and year out.
  • Mr. Salt-E, Salty Man, and SaltNic offer up some of the tastiest, smoothest nicotine salts juices that are perfect for any pod mod.


  • Post-PMTA, most of the industry has shifted to accommodate the demand for flavored disposables by using tobacco-free (synthetic) nicotine in the production process, rather than nicotine that's derived from tobacco leaves. In addition to classic cigarette-style disposables from popular brands like Leap Vapor and NJOY, 2021 saw the reemergence of flavored vape bar disposables from brands like Pachamama, POP Vapor, and VaporLAX, and more.

What is the Best Vape Brand?

We can't really say for sure, mostly because it's entirely up to you to decide! At the Electric Tobacconist, we do our best to offer the most popular, most trusted, and most praised vaping brands from across the world. We test and consider every brand you see on our online vape shop, allowing you to find the best and most relevant brands with ease.