Dinner Lady Vape

One of the best-known UK e-liquid brands, Dinner Lady are popular for their creative, authentic dessert flavors. Dinner Lady has expanded their range with the recent addition of the Dinner Lady Salts range, including their incredibly popular Lemon Tart vape juice. Shop Dinner Lady today.

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About Dinner Lady Vape

Perhaps one of the most creative, well known dessert vape brands around, Dinner Lady are known well by those vapers with a sweet tooth, who love vape juice blends that conjure up thoughts of delectable desserts, along with memories of fairground and suburban favorites.

When it comes to the dessert range, just think of every single dessert possible - plus all your dessert favorites, even the ones that aren’t really made anymore, like that amazing lemon-flavored dessert you had in that random café down a random lane in Paris that time – and imagine that all compacted down into e-liquid form and perfectly packaged inside little bottles, ready for you to drag of whenever and wherever you are, with no guilt over calories – that’s the brilliance of Dinner Lady in a nutshell.

If you love Dinner Lady and want to try out other dessert vapes, give Pod Juice a go; a brand initially developed to go into refillable pods, but one that has since grown a strong reputation for excellent flavors.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid at the Electric Tobacconist

You can explore our full range of Dinner Lady e-liquids at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop.

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