Leap Vapor

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About Leap Vapor

Experience authentic vaping satisfaction with Leap. Leap offers everything you could want from a brand: unrivaled smoothness, full flavor, and portability. Shop the Leap Vapor range, including the Leap Device Kit and Leap Go Disposables.

Leap is a rising vape company manufactured by E-Alternative Solutions (EAS). With a wide range of satisfying flavors, intelligently designed hardware, and sleek, discreet products, Leap Vape caters to everyday people looking for nicotine satisfaction. Leap Vape uses nicotine salts in their products to optimize smoothness and allow for higher levels of nicotine without being overly harsh. Their range includes the Leap Vapor Device Kit, a closed pod device that utilizes pre-filled pods, and the Leap Go disposable range.  Devotion to authenticity and quality vaping experience is evident from Leap's well-manufactured products and consistency.

The Leap Vape Range

The Leap Vape Device Kit offers consistent smoothness, nicotine satisfaction, and flavor with its nicotine salt pre-filled pods and intelligently designed electronics. A long-lasting rechargeable battery and discreet size make it the perfect pod mod for beginner vapers on the move.

The Leap Vapor Device Kit utilizes 1.5ml nicotine salt pods in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. All pods are sold separately.

Leap Pod Flavors

Leap Pods come in a variety of flavors that are available in 24mg (2.4%) and 48mg (4.8%) nicotine strengths. All Leap Pod Flavors come in packs of 2. As of 2020, the list of Leap Vapor flavors are:

  • Georgia Tobacco Pods
  • Kentucky Tobacco Pods
  • Carolina Tobacco Pods
  • Rough-cut Tobacco Pods
  • Menthol Pods
  • Kentucky Menthol Pods

Be sure to check back regularly as Leap is constantly delivering new flavors! 

Leap Go

The Leap Go range offers the same satisfying nicotine salt flavors as Leap Vapor pods, with the added bonus of being easy-to-use, travel-ready disposables. Whether you're traveling, running errands, or at home, Leap Go disposables make nicotine satisfaction within hand's reach at all times.

Leap Vapor at The Electric Tobacconist

Try Leap Vapor's incredibly affordable vape kit or disposables at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop.