Refillable Vapes

Refillable vapes like the JUUL or VUSE Alto are two of the best known products in this range, but there are many others. We've sourced the best pod systems currently available on the U.S. market. Shop our range of refillable vapes below, and look out for the new challengers to the 'best in class' title.

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JUUL Device Kit with USB charging dock
JUUL Battery & charger kit
Rock Kit
BoulderRock Kit
Vape Pen Kit | E-Liquid Included
Leap VaporDevice
Device only | Pods sold separately
Was $19.99 | save $10.00From$9.99
Novo 3
SMOKNovo 3
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
Device Kit
BLUDevice Kit
Device and Charger Only
ACE Device
Vaping device | Charger included
Charger included
Device & Charger Only
Air Pro
SuorinAir Pro
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
Rock (Pen Only)
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
Starter Kit Virginia Tobacco Bundle
JUULStarter Kit Virginia Tobacco Bundle
JUUL & 5 Pod Packs | Tobacco
Starter Kit Menthol Bundle
JUULStarter Kit Menthol Bundle
JUUL & 5 Pod Packs | Menthol
Vaporesso Xros 3 mini group
VaporessoXROS 3 Mini
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoZERO S
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoXROS 3
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoXROS Mini
Refillable Pod Kit
Luxe PM40
VaporessoLuxe PM40
AIO Vape Kit
Alto Golden Tobacco Starter Kit
XROS 3 Nano
VaporessoXROS 3 Nano
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoXROS 2
Refillable Pod Mod Kit
VaporessoXROS Nano
Refillable Pod Mod Kit

About Refillable Vapes

There are constantly new products entering the e-cigarette market, some of them stick and some of them don’t, and pod mod vaporizers are one new hardware type which have become very popular. Convenient, efficient and easy to use, pod mods are becoming more popular with people looking to move from cigalike e-cigs to something that gives them more choice when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths.

What's So Special About Refillable Vapes?

Refillable Vapes strike a much-needed balance between e-juice-based vape kits and all-in-one cig-a-likes. They are designed to be super simple to use and an even more effective gateway to vaping device because they’re fuss-free and there’s no reason why any smoker couldn’t make the switch. Most pod mods look very like vape pen and cigalike devices although they are a bit larger and they take unique pod-style refills, many of which can be filled with the vape juice of your choice or provide more diversity in the flavors available.
Pod mods tend to have more powerful batteries than cigalike devices but the real difference comes in the atomizer. Rather than cartomizers which can run out quickly and are limited in the power they can handle; pod systems include everything you need within the removable refill. Each pod incorporates the liquid (or space for the liquid), the wick and coil in a disposable tank. The pods act just like mini clearomizers and are simple to slide in and out of the devices available.
Pod mods typically use either pre-filled pods like the VUSE Alto and the Logic Pro or refillable pods like the Boulder Vape. Refillable pod systems give the best vaping experience when using nicotine salts, which allow for high nicotine strengths without the harshness of traditional vape juice. Nicotine salt juices are incredibly smooth, flavorful, and deliver a satisfying rush of nicotine.

A Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini, SMOK Novo 3 and Boulder Rock device floating in front of a blue background

Why Shop Refillable Vapes from The Electric Tobacconist?

When you choose The Electric Tobacconist for your refillable vapes, you're selecting a trusted and experienced retailer. Established in 2015 as one of the first US online vape shops, we've been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Our impressive 98% recommendation rating from over 35,000 reviews on reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction. With over two million successfully shipped orders, we've built a reliable reputation. You can count on The Electric Tobacconist USA for all your vaping needs! We stock the largest range of e-cigarette brands for sale online anywhere in the U.S., so why check out our entire range? By the way, if you're based in the UK or are a US customer travelling over there, you can shop refillables such as the best selling Oxva Xlim Pro Kit or Vaporesso Xros 4 Mini at Electric Tobacconist UK.

Featured Reviews of Refillable Vapes from ET Customers


"Great product! Love the colors! Very smooth not harsh. I keep them on hand cause I always miss place things! I can’t say enough about this great product!!"

Donna M

22nd Feb 2022

Blu Starter Kit

"I have been using blu pods for a few years now and have pretty much quit regular cigarettes ( I'll have one on occasion), but my quitting was all due to the gold leaf pods. I absolutely love the throat hit and lighter tobacco flavor with a tinge of sweetness that the gold leaf provides.I don't know what I'm going to do if the government continues on their campaign to get rid of this brand. This website is the only place I can find my pods and I'd be lost without both. I love blu."

Leigh G

11th Apr 2023

Boulder Rock E-Cigarette Kit

"Wish I had bought more than one now. It's not overly complicated to use."

Robin G

13th Feb 2021

Phix Refillable Vape

"Better flavors, smoother vape, and bigger pods. Phix is just a superior micro vape!"

Jonathan K

16th Sep 2019