Sub-Ohm Coils

Sub-ohm coils are used with a proprietary sub-ohm tank and are capable of producing huge clouds and flavor. We carry a range of popular sub-ohm coils from brands like SMOK, GeekVape, and more. Find replacement sub-ohm vape coils for your tank here:

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Sub-ohm Coils

Without a quality sub-ohm coil, sub-ohm vaping is not possible. At the heart of the whole experience is the sub-ohm coils, creating the low resistance space needed within the atomizer for the sub-ohm vaping experience. It is the coils that give this type of vaping its name and sub-ohm refers to the resistance of the coil in use. Sub-ohm coils have a resistance of less than 1ohm and have a wide range of different resistances on the market to suit different types of sub-ohm fans.

Why does Sub-ohm Make a Difference?

We understand that sub-ohm coils have a resistance below 1 ohm but why does this matter? Does it really affect your vaping experience so much? The answer is yes, there are many differences. The first and most well-known difference is the vapor production. Sub-ohm coils have the potential to produce huge clouds because sub-ohm coils create more heat and this again pushes up the volume of vapor. Sub-ohm coils also provide a warmer vapor and use up more vape juice to create the intense vaping experience. Sub-ohm vaping delivers new levels of satisfaction as each hit is smooth and intense. Sub-ohm coils can be used with different vaping methods too and allow vapers even more choice and freedom.

The brands behind sub-ohm vaping and technology are always innovating and looking for new ways to improve your experience. This is why there are regular new releases and there are so many sub-ohm coil options on the market.

Sub-ohm Coil Brands

As you’d probably guess most of the brands who produce sub-ohm coils are also responsible for atomizers, clearomizers, box mods and other sub-ohm vaping kits. Brands such as Halo, KangerTech and Aspire sell replacement coils in many different resistances and their sub-ohm coils can also be bought in multi-packs as well.

Sub-ohm Coils at the Electric Tobacconist

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