Product Order Limit

In order to limit reselling of bulk orders, Electric Tobacconist has implemented a purchase limit for the following categories:

Product CategoryProduct limit per 30-day period
10ml vape juice75
15ml vape juice50
30ml vape juice25
60ml vape juice13
75ml vape juice10
100ml vape juice9
Prefilled pods (excluding NJOY)40
Refillable pods41
NJOY ACE pods25
Vape kits (excluding NJOY)5
NJOY ACE device3

This limit is over a 30-day period. Essentially, the limit resets 30 days after reaching a category limit.

So, for example, if you purchased 40 pods on 01/01/2020, you would need to wait until 02/01/2020 (30-days) to order again.

You could have also purchased 2 vape kits on 01/01/2020, 2 on 01/14/2020, and 1 on 01/21/2020 for example. You would have to wait until 02/01/2020 to order again.

If you have further questions please visit our Help Desk.